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SAP Sybase Replication Server HADR (High Availability Disaster Recovery) for Business Suite on ASE

     In my previous posts I have described so far some interesting topics related to SAP Sybase Replication Server (SRS) architecture, e.g., some of the most important features, interesting functionalities, useful techniques and I have even shown integration with other SAP and non SAP products.

     In today’s post I am going to focus on a new SAP solution developed using SAP Sybase Replication Server as key point to allow SAP customers implement a Disaster Recovery system for Business Suite on ASE. This new Solution is called HADR for Business Suite on ASE and was available in July 2013.

     HADR for Business Suite architecture

     In the SAP SRS architecture for Business Suite disaster recovery on ASE we have the usual components we have in normal SAP SRS systems plus one new component developed specifically for this solution called Distaster Recovery Agent (DR Agent):


    • Primary SAP system:

                         SAP production system where users are connected in a normal situation

    • Standby SAP system:

SAP standby system, no users are connected in a normal situation, the only database transactions

applied here are sent by SAP Sybase Replication Server to keep the system up to date


    • Replication servers:

                         One Replication Server is configured with each SAP system


    • Disaster Recovery Agent:

                         New component developed by SAP SRS engineering to simplify HADR installation, configuration and



    • SAP installer (Software Provisioning Manager):

                         Used for both installing SAP SRS software and configuring HADR system. Check screen shotbelow

                         to see installation integrated with SAP installer:



  • SAP Sybase ASE should be version 15.7 SP102 or higher
  • SAP Sybase Replication Server version should be 15.7.1 SP102 or higher.


     HADR solution for Business Suite on ASE consists of 3 Multiple Site Availability (3 database replication definitions and 3 subscriptions) created for each of the 2 possible replication directions, that is, from Primary system to Standby system and from Standby system to Primary system. The 3 databases that are going to be replicated are:


  • Master (logins and users have to be synchronized between both servers)
  • Saptools
  • SAP System DB

    DR Agent

     As said before DR agent is a new component created to ease installation, configuration and monitoring for the HADR system, its function basically is to execute both ASE and Replication Server commands that you would otherwise execute manually. DR Agent has its own API with specific commands (for example sap_status, sap_disable_replication, sap_enable_replication … etc)

     DR Agent Capabilities:


     1.- Simplify the setup of a Business Suite disaster recovery environment

    • Consolidate the steps required to establish the environment
    • Establish a standard replication configuration
    • Support servers configured on separate hosts 
    • Integrate with the SAP Business Suite Installer (DBA Cockpit and DBCntrl − coming soon)

     2.- Automate the failover process

    • Reverse the direction of replication
    • Support both planned and unplanned events
    • Provide solutions for different recovery scenarios

      3.- Monitor replication

    • Availability of servers, connections, and routes
    • Replication Latency

More details in SAP Sybase documentation:

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