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Hi Everyone,

Upcoming Monday – the 9th of October – I will be giving a 20 minutes session at the SAP Inside Track Israel event. The title of the session is “SAP Cross UI Strategy” – which is quite interesting, because it assumes we actually have one. But here is the problem – not only do we have one, its extremely long and elaborated.

See the tweet by Graham Robinson:

Latest SAP UI Tech Roadmap doc is 78 pages. 4 pages (>5%) is an “Acronym Glossary”. And who says SAP don’t get UX #roflol


Well, we do get UX and challenge is always – how do you make a 78 pages document into a succinct 20 minutes session? Join me in the session to find out. For now i’m only putting here the first slide… Will upload the full presentation after Monday.


Update: Here is the link to the slide presented:

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  1. Fred Verheul

    Hi Yariv,

    Of course I’m very curious how you will manage to compress 78 slides into a 20 minute presentation (even irrespective of the subject). Is there a possibility to attend online?

    Cheers, Fred

        1. Fred Verheul

          Thx gents,

          Will certainly try to connect. But Moshe, don’t you think Yariv is under enough pressure already without you harassing him? 🙂

          ‘See’ you on Monday then!


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