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Hi Everyone,

Upcoming Monday – the 9th of October – I will be giving a 20 minutes session at the SAP Inside Track Israel event. The title of the session is “SAP Cross UI Strategy” – which is quite interesting, because it assumes we actually have one. But here is the problem – not only do we have one, its extremely long and elaborated.

See the tweet by Graham Robinson:

Latest SAP UI Tech Roadmap doc is 78 pages. 4 pages (>5%) is an “Acronym Glossary”. And who says SAP don’t get UX #roflol


Well, we do get UX and challenge is always – how do you make a 78 pages document into a succinct 20 minutes session? Join me in the session to find out. For now i’m only putting here the first slide… Will upload the full presentation after Monday.


Update: Here is the link to the slide presented:

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  1. Fred Verheul

    Hi Yariv,

    Of course I’m very curious how you will manage to compress 78 slides into a 20 minute presentation (even irrespective of the subject). Is there a possibility to attend online?

    Cheers, Fred

      1. Former Member

        We are planning to:) and it will be interesting becuase you will probably see me in the frame nagging Yariv to finish after 15 minutes (the time slot for each presenter) ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Fred Verheul

          Thx gents,

          Will certainly try to connect. But Moshe, don’t you think Yariv is under enough pressure already without you harassing him? ๐Ÿ™‚

          ‘See’ you on Monday then!

          1. Former Member


            I don’t know if we will have a live connection, but we will for sure have recordings after the event.

            But, follow us on twitter for surprises:).




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