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Hi Everyone,

I was browsing through SAP training site and found out about new HANA Certification.

SAP has launched a new SAP HANA Certification “C_HANAIMP131” called SAP Certified Application Associate (Edition 2013)

It seems it is an update to original Application Associate Certification “C_HANAIMP_1“.

This new C_HANAIMP131 certification covers new topics areas.

Comparison of  C_HANAIMP_1 & C_HANAIMP131 Certifications with topic areas and their weightage:

C_HANAIMP_1 Weightage C_HANAIMP131 Weightage
Reporting > 12% Data Provisioning > 12%
Data Modeling > 12% Security and Authorization 8% – 12%
Data Provisioning > 12% Data modeling – Analytical views 8% – 12%
Optimization > 12% Data modeling – Calculation views 8% – 12%
Business content 8% – 12% Advanced data modeling 8% – 12%
Security and Authorization 8% – 12% Optimization of data models and reporting 8% – 12%
Administration of data models 8% – 12%
Reporting < 8%
Data modeling – SQL Script < 8%
Data modeling – Attribute views < 8%
Deployment scenarios of SAP HANA < 8%
SAP HANA Live & Rapid Deployment Solutions for SAP HANA < 8%
Passing Percentage – 66% Passing Percentage – 61%

It is clearly visible from the above comparison table that the new certification adds on more topic areas and is heavily focused on Modeling.

The topic areas are now more clear and it will be easy for everyone to identify what exactly they need to study for certification.

New Certification also has less passing percentage at 61% compared to 66% of the original one.

This new certification will surely be harder to pass and will require a good deal of hands on experience as it is covering Advanced Modeling Techniques, Best Practices for SAP HANA, Improving Reporting Performance of Models, Administration of Models and their transportation.

Now we also have separate area for SQLScript and CE Functions.

New topic like HANA Live has also been introduced and more focus on RDS is also there.

Still no XS part.

I really like the way SAP has clearly stated all the required topic areas and is covering Modeling in great detail. I would also like to thank SAP Certification team for this great work.

To get more details about C_HANAIMP_1 Certification, check the following link:—sap-hana-10-g/

To get more details about C_HANAIMP131 Certification, check the following link:—sap-hana-g/certification-details/

New E-learning course HAIMPE has been introduced but this version is still in production as mentioned on the SAP training site:–implementation-and-modeling-with-sap-hana-10-e-academies-099-g-en/

SAP has also introduced a new Classroom course HA350 for Data Provisioning covering SLT, DXC, Data Services, Flat File Loading and using SAP BW as ETL tool. More details can be found here:—data-provisioning-classroom-099-g-en/

Now all available HANA courses are based on HANA SPS06 including HA100 and HA300.

UPDATE: New SAP HANA Technology Associate CertificationC_HANATEC131 is available now:

To know more about this certification, please check:—sap-hana-g/

All the best to everyone who wants to appear for Certification

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  1. Former Member


    Thanks for providing updated INFO Related to HANA 🙂 🙂 ,  If i want any suggestions related to HANA 😉 😉 I will give My first preference to u 😉 😉 .



  2. Former Member

    Hi Vivek,

    I have been following you silently and religiously from last couple of months.

    You are like Dronacharya and I am like Eklavya (Indian epic characters for those who dont know them) 🙂 .

    I wanted to share that because of following you religiously and reading the directed material , I cleared my C_HANAIMP_1 certification yesterday with high score.

    I would like to personally thank you ,had no means to reach you one-one hence thanking you here!.



    1. Vivek Singh Bhoj Post author

      Congratulations Balwant for passing the Certification! 🙂

      I am really happy that my blogs helped you in this.

      Thanks for the compliments. 🙂



    1. Vivek Singh Bhoj Post author

      Hi Thamizh,

      As you are already working on SCM, i would advise you to read about SCM on HANA and then decide if you want to go for HANA Certification:

      SCM powered by SAP HANA

      SAP HANA and SAP SCM liveCache

      If you are interested in doing HANA Certification, you have two options, either go for HANA Administration(C_HANATEC_1) or HANA Developer/Modeler(C_HANAIMP_1)

      To know more about C_HANAIMP_1 Certification, check this blog:

      And to know more about C_HANATEC_1 Certificate, check this blog:

      To start with HANA, check this blog:



  3. Jason Scanlon


    I just took the certification C_HANAIMP_131 along with a colleague of mine, and we both did not pass. We found there is a lot of additional in depth information that is not provided in either the HANA 100, 300, 150 courses and study sessions that are currently available. Where can we find this additional information? Specifically, there is RDS deployment questions, questions on different HANA deployment scenarios, questions on Administration of Data models, and questions on Reporting that we had questions on in the new exam that cannot be found in the course material.

    We both spent the last month learning this material, and both found that the course material significantly didn’t provide the details needed in those sections to successfully pass. Personally I think that the course material needs to be updated to encompass all additional information in the new exam, but that isn’t going to help us in the short term.

    Please let me know where we can find the additional information on those 4 sections:

    – Deployment Scenarios for SAP HANA

    – SAP HANA Live and Rapid Deployment Solutions for SAP HANA

    – Administration of Data Models

    – New Reporting Features

    Thank you and regards,

    Jason Scanlon

    1. Vivek Singh Bhoj Post author

      Hi Jason,

      Sorry to hear that,

      Let me try to answer you:

      Deployment Scenarios for SAP HANA

      Deployment Options | SAP HANA

      SAP HANA Live and Rapid Deployment Solutions for SAP HANA:

      Check my blog regarding links to HANA Materials, it also contains links to various RDS options–links-and-sap-notespart-2

      I will be sharing my TechEd experience and in that I will be sharing few things regarding HANA Live and RDS, I will share the link with you once I write it – hopefully today or tomorrow

      Administration of Data Models

      -New Reporting Features

      Have a look at my blog–links-and-sap-notes

      Never forget to read all the SAP HANA Guides available here:

      SAP HANA Platform – SAP Help Portal Page

      Additionally, also look at my blogs:

      Hopefully, I would have resolved your queries



    2. Former Member

      Hi Jason,

      I am preparing for C_HANAIMP_131 certification.I would like to know the challenges you faced during the course of exam. It will be great helpful and  I will be glad to hear from you at the earliest.

      Best Regards,


      1. Jason Scanlon

        Hi Naga,

        The blog sites listed directly above are useful to review before taking the exam. I found that the course material is worded much differently than the exam questions, which makes many of the multiple answer questions much more difficult. There is no partial credit, so if you get 2 of the 3 multi answers correct, you will lose the full credit. Try to know the in’s and outs of the Data Provisioning, Modeling, and Reporting sections. More specifically there are a good amount of questions related to the different types of connections that are used in the various data provisioning tools.

        I would say the bulk of the exam is those three sections. They also have the most of the multi answer questions. Take your time while answering the multi answer questions and read through all the possibilities very carefully. If you breeze by it and think you passed with an 80% you may be very surprised when you see the outcome.

        1. Former Member


          Does HA100 & HA300 are  sufficient for DATA PROVISIONING, REPORTING,ADVANCE DATA MODELING to clear certification, Do you have latest Versions of HA100 & HA300 on sp6.

          I heard there are 3 types of questions Out of 80 ? How many of type1, 2 ,3 (approximately)

          i) Multiple questions, only one answer : (Radio button)

          ii) Multiple questions, more than one answer : (Multiple answers )

          iii)Select the best option from the following :



    3. Former Member

      Hi Jason,

      Are you planning to retake the exam any time soon. I am trying to prepare for the exam and would like to have some group study. It would also be great to use your prior experience. Please let me know if you would like to .



  4. Former Member

    Hello Vivek,

    I am planning for the HANA certification in next couple of months, as I have just started preparing for the same.

    Just wanted to know if you have any idea on the service pack on which certification exam is going to be based on, is it SP07 or the same SP06.

    Best Regards,


      1. Former Member

        Hi Vivek,

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        Is there any fixed month of the year on which this changes.(I mean the base SP for the exam)? I just want to keep an eye on this so that my preparations are in sync with the SP level.

        I checked this course in the website, but couldn’t locate the info on the SP level. Can you please suggest where can we find this?



  5. Former Member

    Hi Vivek

    Just I am going to your blog..its very useful.

    I am SAP BO consultant and having around 8 years of experience, and I like to know which certification is best for me.



  6. Former Member

    Hi Vivek ,

    Thanks for the valuable guidance . Can you please guide from where do i can find the Books based on SP6  , HA100 and HA300.? I have books but that is based on SP5 I suppose, I checked on the books there is no mentioned on SP versions . Is there a convenient way out for finding the latest SP 6 version in the books .

    Awaiting response

    Annu Gupta

  7. Former Member

    Hi Vivek,

    I’m ABAP Consultant and have work exp around 5+. I’m planning to go for certification in HANA. Which HANA module is belongs to ABAP and which certification?.



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