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Business ex:

Company has build a large enterprise data ware house system base on the sap bw  with the invention of sap hana

you to migrate some of the your existing dso in your dataflow to SAP HANA optimized one as well as using the SAP HANA Optimized dso in newly created dataflows.

So now i will going to sharing the same approach with step by step method:

Step 1 : select your infoarea, from the context menu create a DSO


Step 2 :

Seach for the DSO tables in HANA STUDIO as below screenshot 


Search for the table:


Load data in DSO and activate dso

step 3 display the dso from SAP HANA side



step 4: run T-Code SE38 to migrate the DSO to a HANA Optimised DSO object.

Give the Program name:RDSRI_CONVERT_CUBE_TO_INMEMORY and click on execute.


give ur DSO Name ex :U05dso


step 5 pen dso maintenance. check setting be “in- memory otimized” and SID enabled =”SID genetretion during activation “

if not SID -enabled ;

check the setting and reactivate DSO.




Step 6 :you can find the changelog on hana side is a “column view”


Hope its useful and you guyz will like it.

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    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Gabor,

      Thanks for sharing updated information.

      Standard data store object (DSO) in BW 7.30 on HANA has been optimized for HANA. It has now all the performance advantages of the HANA-optimized DSO required an explicit conversion during the migration to BW-on-HANA.



  1. Antony Jerald J


    Thanks for your document shared with us 🙂  Found really useful.

    What is the Service pack required for this conversion? This conversion program is for converting standard optimized DSO’s to Hana optimized DSO’s right?  I’ll be happy if I get some knowledge sharing from you on what’s it’s impact after such conversion 😉

    But I had read in many places that use of hana optimized DSO’s are obsolete and standard optimized DSO’s itself a hana optimized DSO’s as suggested by Gabor Kovac from the document he had shared.

    Could you please clarify the same?


    Antony Jerald.

    1. Former Member

      Hi Antony,

      Please see the response to your question: what is the significant and technical difference for DSO in Hana and non hana RDBMS

      Simply said: do not worry about conversion or the term ‘HANA optimized’. According to SAP note 1849497 this distinction is not relevant. You simply use the DSO types (e.g. standard, write-optimized, …) as before, with improvements relevant to SAP HANA.

      I’d recommend to upgrade to the latest SP level, or at least implement the SAP note.




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