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Workflow Migration: ACW to BRF

Hi Everyone,

I have been the part of SRM 7.01 upgrade project. We upgraded SRM system from SRM 4.0 SP 13 to SRM 7.01 (EHP 1). The major part of the upgrade was redesigning application control workflows using new BRF technology. The upgrade gives the business an opportunity to redesign the workflows addressing all pain points of previous workflows.

I shall highlight the limitations and issues we faced while designing our workflows using BRF in a separate blog.

After the project team has designed, build and tested the newly created BRF workflows, there is an important step to plan for migration of open work items from ACW workflows to BRF workflows, for all objects. This is as important as the initial decision of rebuilding the workflows using BRF for smooth go-live.

Attached document explains how to migrate the open work items from application control workflow to Business Rule Framework (BRF) workflow.

I hope this document helps other projects as well.


Ravi Pachauri

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