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Unable to expand line items using $expand when used along with $filter

Dear Folks,

In my service, I am able to query header collection with a filter. (Delivery_header collection)

Now I want to expand (Delivery_line-items) for each delivery nos. I did the associations of the principal keys of delivery header collection with line item collection fields. I also provided the required navigation property.

I tried the following syntaxes but to no avail.

sap/opu/odata/sap/DELVRY_SRV/DELIVERY_HEADER?$filter=C_Tid eq ‘S0000001284’&$expand=DELIVERY_ITEM,

sap/opu/odata/sap/DELVRY_SRV/DELIVERY_HEADER?$filter=C_Tid eq ‘S0000001284’?$expand=DELIVERY_ITEM,

sap/opu/odata/sap/DELVRY_SRV/DELIVERY_HEADER?$filter=(C_Tid eq ‘S0000001284’)&$expand=DELIVERY_ITEM.

Please provide me some insight in this regard.



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  • Hi Kawish,

    Can I assume that ‘C_Tid’ is not your primary key for DELIVERY_HEADER? If it is the primary you should use a different URI.

    Could you post up the service metadata, it’s not possible to determine a specific service fault in a customer-space URI without it.



  • Hi kawish,

    Hope DELIVERY_ITEM is the navigation name that connects DeliveryHeader to DeliveryItem

    One more thing ys you need to implement GET_EXPANDED_ENTITY method in the DPC_EXT class