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Steps to create a new Personnel Area


I was recently required to configure a new Personnel Area which replaced an existing one due to a change within the business.

I copied the existing one using the steps below and undertook all checks required to ensure that it was configured correctly and the changes were adopted as per the requirement.

So, if it is any use, good. If not, then no worries.

The IMG steps are as follows:

  • SAP Customizing Implementation Guide – >
  • Enterprise Structure–>
  • Definition– >
  • Human Resources Management–>
  • Personnel Areas–>
  • Choose Activity –>


  • Copy, delete, check personnel subarea
  • Press Button “Copy Org Object”
  • Copy Form “Put Existing PA Code which you want to copy from”
  • To Pers. Area “Put New PA Code”
  • Press “OK” Button

The checks are as follows:

  • V_001P_C  –> Assignment of Payscale Area / Type to Enterprise Structure
  • V_001P_K  –> Assignment of Primary Wagetype group to Enterprise Structure
  • V_001P_N  –> Assignment of WorkShedule to Enterprise Structure
  • V_001P_M  –> Assignment of Holiday Calendar to Enterprise Structure
  • V_001P_D  –> Assignment of Absence & Attendance type to Enterprise Structure
  • V_001P_F  –> Assignment of Absence & Attendance Counting to Enterprise Structure
  • V_001P_I  –> Assignment of Time Quota Counting to Enterprise Structure
  • V_001P_H  –> Assignment of  Time Data Recording to Enterprise Structure
  • V_7IN0P_PTX  –> Assignment of Professional Tax to Enterprise Structure
  • V_7IN0P_TAX –> Assignment of IncomeTax to Enterprise Structure

The feature checks are as follows:

PINCH –> Decide on Administrator Groupings (on table T526)

This may not be everything so ensure you do plenty of research prior to changes so that you are comfortable accompanied by a bucket full of documentation.

And then the testing, plenty of it too!


Will Jackson

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