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SAP Fiori LL09 – Check the latest support package level

SAP Fiori Lessons Learned 09.

Check the latest Support Package Level.


I see several customers did not install the latest support package and wasted their time for unnecessary trouble shooting. Functional consultant does not know how to check support package level. It also does not make a sense that customers go live with old support packages.


Lessons Learned:

Please make sure that the system has the latest support package for Fiori apps before you start configuration.


Here are steps how to check support package level.


Step 1. Find the technical component name.


Example: Approve Leave Requests -> Catalog of SAP Fiori Apps -> Approve Leave Requests

  •   Required product release: FIORI ERP APPLICATIONS X1 1.0

SAP Fiori – Add-on quick reference for transactional apps

For example, Add-on package for Approve Leave Requests, UIX01HCM is the UI component on Gateway and GBHCM003 is the OData components on ERP.

Step 2. Check the current support package level on system,

Logon to server via SAP GUI. System -> Status

Select detail button for component version.


SAP_BASIS is 731.

For example, support package for UIX01HCM is SP00 in this system.



Step 3. Check the latest support package in SAP Service Marketplace.

Download components from

Support Packages and Patches -> A-Z Index -> F -> SAP Fiori -> SAP Fiori for Suite





Select the package for SAP_BASIS version.  This example is for SAP_BASIS 731.




The latest support package for UIX01HCM is SP01.



The latest support package for GBHM003 is SP09.

Step 4. Apply support packages by SPAM transaction.

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