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Brightening up your November with openSAP

This November openSAP are running two courses on SAP HANA to help fend off those cold, dark nights. It may be getting darker outside, but openSAP is brightening up your November with two SAP HANA courses to keep you up-to-date with the latest technology.

Earlier this year openSAP launched their first course, Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA, held by the SAP community star Thomas Jung, which saw 40k participants register with 9,383 successfully completing the course. Due to popular demand, the course will run again starting October 24th to allow those who missed out to learn about developing native applications on SAP HANA. Learn more about the course and register here.

Those of you wanted to learn more about SAP HANA Cloud Platform can register for the course Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which will begin October 28th.  This course will provide participants with an introduction to the platform and how to take advantage of the various services it provides. I’ll be the instructor of this course and I’m currently recording all the units of the course together with the great openSAP team. Learn more and register here.

So be ready to start developing on SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Platform immediately in 2014 with
openSAP. Hope to see all of you at the course.


Rui and the openSAP team


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    • The course itself will be mostly around using the Java runtime. But there are already a few units showing how one can use SAP HANA Studio in combination with your SAP HANA Cloud Platform account. There will be more in the near future around using SAP HANA XS applications and deploy them on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

      In case you are at SAP TechEd 2013 in Las Vegas you’ll already be able to see much more.



        • Then you’ll miss the cool parts where we are using e.g. the SAP HANA Studio to connect to the (free) HANA instance of your (free) SAP HANA Cloud Platform account.

          You’ll also miss the units explaining how you can secure your applications very easily and how you can even use other identity providers that are SAML 2.0 compliant together with your SAP HANA Cloud Platform application.

          You’ll also miss the part where I show how you can access the Document Service of SAP HANA Cloud Platform via 3rd party tools so that you can easily up- and download documents to your SAP HANA Cloud Platform account.

          I think it’s really worth looking into. Maybe you should re-think joining 🙂

    • I agree. Hope you already registered to the course. It’ll provide a lot of knowledge and in most of the units I’ll demo how to use the services of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

      Lot’s of videos and how-to guides.

  • help fend off those cold, dark nights. It may be getting darker outside

    ?!? What? Darker? Colder? Au contraire: warmer, brighter, … summer is comming!

    Or is the course intended only for habitants of the northern hemisphere?

    Either way, I am registered! Can’t wait for the course to start

    • You are so right. My bad. Should have spent some more thoughts on the title 🙂

      And yes, the course is intended for habitants all over the world and not only for those on the northern hemisphere. As I already posted in the Portuguese speaking community I’ll even try to provide a Portuguese transcript for the course so that people in Portuguese-speaking countries can follow the course more easily.

      Looking forward to the course, too. Hope you’ll find it useful. Was quite some work putting it together. The openSAP team did a great job (again).