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SCN @ 10 and Me…..

Heartiest Congratulations to entire SCN community for becoming 10 years old….. 🙂

In the early days of my SAP career during the year 2005-2006, I generally searched in the SDN for any content and query.

Then, I gradually heard about SCN from my colleagues and started searching the SCN for any content and query with the guest ID.

In that time I was not mature enough to realize the actual importance of the SCN community in the SAP world.

I generally used to post of my contents in the knowledge base of my company.

Day by day, I got the maturity in my SAP career and realized that ‘SCN’ is a beautiful platform to share knowledge, thoughts and ideas in the SAP world.

Then, finally I decided to join the SCN community. 😎

There is one phrase “Better late than never.“, which is perfectly applicable in my case.

Initially, I started posting the contents in the SCN which I published in the knowledge base of my company during different times of my SAP career. Then , I gradually started participating in the discussions.

I like to highlight that providing the badges is one of the great ideas to recognize the contributions of the SCN members.

I have observed that SCN community members are always ready to help each other.

Currently, I am a Silver contributor, but the journey is just started and long way to go.

I think that SCN will keep motivating us to enjoy the new challenges of this vast, ever changing and improving SAP world.

I like to bring the initiative in my company to make my colleagues to contribute / participate in the SCN activities.

I like to grow in my SAP career with SCN…. 😘

At this moment, I can realized that SAP = SCN…….. 😆

To find my point of view about SCN, please have look to the following blog “SCN = The Magic Box……“.

Long live SCN……………

With best wishes on the eve of 10th anniversary of SCN,

Debsubhra Das

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