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Target Audience

SAP EP Developers to get an overview of how to customize the SAP Enterprise Portal Login Page

How does a Portal Login page look like


Things that we will customize

  1. SAP NetWeaver Image
  2. Company Logo/Branding Image
  3. Changing the text
  4. Changing the SAP Logo




1) Download the par.bak file
from portal

    a) Goto>System Admin>Support>Portal Runtime>Browse Deployement


2) Save it on your local machine

3) Rename it to

4) Extract the files while keeping the directory structure

5) Modify the appropriate files

6) Put modified files back into the PAR file

7) Deploy/Upload the new PAR file

  Customizing the SAP NetWeaver Image



  1)Place the new image in the path dist>layout

  2) Goto umLogonTopArea.txt and change the image path from

  <img     src=”<,secondImage)%>”
  alt=”Product” border=”0″>



   <img src=”<%=webpath%>layout/new-image.jpg” alt=”Product” border=”0″>


   Customizing the Branding Image





  1. Place the new image in the path dist>layout

   2.  Go to umLogonTopArea.txt and change the image path from

  src=”<,>”alt=”Branding Image” border=”0″>


   <img src=”<%=webpath%>layout/newbranding-image.jpg” alt=”Branding Image” border=”0″>


   Changing the text



  1. For changing the User,Password and Login button text , Go to umLogonPage.jsp
  2. Change the following texts


    a) For User,change name=”<%=ILoginConstants.LOGON_UID_ALIAS%>“ to the name that you want to give.

    b) For Password,change name=”<%=ILoginConstants.LOGON_PWD_ALIAS%>” to the name that you want to give.

    c) For Logon ButtonText, Change name=”<%=SAPMLogonLogic.uidPasswordLogonAction%>“ to the text that you want to give.

    3. For changing the footer Copyright text, go to file

    4. Maintain the new text in COPY_RIGHT that you want to give

    Changing the SAP Logo




  1. Place the new image in the path dist>layout


   2. Go to umLogonBotArea.txt

   3. Change the old image path to

   <div class=”urCopyrightImage”><imgsrc=”<%=webpath%>layout/new_logo.png”


   Adding/Accessing New Resources

   Depending upon required availability,two options:

  1. umLogonTop.txt or umLogonBot.txt for all jsp’s
  2. Include resource only in required jsp.

      To Include CSS file

      <%Iresource newstyle = componentRequest.getResource(Iresource.CSS,”newres/abc.css”)

      To Include Image:

      <img src=“<%=webpath%>newres/abc.gif”>

      To Include javascript file:

      <script language=“Javascript” src=“<%=webpath%>newres/abc.js”>


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Harshmeet,

    Actually this kind of work Basis people will do, But with the help of your blog i can also Do. 😉 😉

    Thanks For sharing.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Harshmeet,


    Nice blog..

    But Giri, why would basis person do coding part. Anything that involves code changes or modification of PAR files need to be done by developer.



    1. Former Member


      Thanks for your short and clear information.

      Giri/Uday, guess there are some teams who use BASIS team for downloading and deploying PAR files. Hope Giri would have tried to mention it:)



  3. Former Member

    Hi Harshmeet,

    Good document for reference, but its more useful if you mention the Portal Version in header or in body, since Par files are not there in 7.31 and coding part also not the same. (taglibs on sap)



  4. Former Member

    ok gud document …but i want my picture and employee wise pictures when ever i click on ….. facing towards scrren in the pic tat person is writing over the screen is it possible …i know it is very critical ..if u know tellme

  5. Steffi Warnecke

    But please don’t elaborate here, instead create a new thread for that. 😉 The comments-section of a document is not the right place for this IMO.



  6. Former Member

    Dear Harmeet,

    i cannot see the below in my portal:

    1) Download the par.bak file
    from portal

        a) Goto>System Admin>Support>Portal Runtime

  7. Former Member

    Due to missing some files in the Landscape we faced the issue in Login Page and it got resolved after manually transported those files to the new landscape.

    Thank you


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