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SAP c’Folder Standard and Custom functionality Scope



This blog will help user & consultant to understand scope of basic & custom functionality for SAP Collaboration folder. Collaboration folder helps during 2 stage bidding process and provides a collaborative platform for information exchange.

Author: Devraj Singh Rawat

Created on: 1 October 2013

Author Bio

Devraj Singh is a SAP SRM 7.0 Techno-Functional, ABAP-Workflow Lead consultant with more than 7 years of SAP Consulting Experience working with Leading IT Organization serving global & domestic clients.

Currently involved in providing innovative solutions on SAP SRM, c’Folder , Business Workflow, UI Development & Integration.

Example system:

SRM 7.02, c’Folder version 4.00

C-Folder functionalities

  • Buyer can exchange information in terms of document or Notes with Internal Team, Suppliers and Evaluators.

SAP provides 5 standard folders.

  1. Technical Bid – This area is used for submitting technical Bid by supplier.
  2. Collaboration – This area is visible to everyone participating in bidding process.
  3. External Area – Buyer can put his requirement document and specification for any tender.
  4. Internal Area – This area is visible to Internal company.
  5. Evaluation     – This area is visible to Evaluator maintained in Permission tab.


Scope of Custom Developments

  1. PreBID (Custom)    – This area is used for pre bid quarries.
  2. PostBid (Custom)    – This area is used for post bid quarries.

  • Initially while publishing Rfx SAP shows Collaboration, External area & internal area in which buyer can post his requirement technical detail for suppliers.
  • Supplier & Buyers can exchange information in terms of document or Notes using PreBid folder (Custom) before bid creation.
  • After all clarification supplier can initiate bid response process.
  • SAP Provides Tech_Bid folder while creation of Bid response where supplier attaches his technical documents. SAP creates a separate folder for each supplier with one to one access. This folder is in write mode only till submission dead line.


  • After submission deadline and technical opening; there is no place where buyer and supplier can negotiate further so we can provide a Post Bid clarification folder (Custom) under Technical Bid. This should be one to One for each supplier. As no other supplier should view other supplier documents.
  • Access control for standard folders has been designed by SAP as requires in rfx process. There is a scope for access control for custom folders.


  • Auto subscribe functionality exist to some standard folders; which send notification to subscribers on any action on that folders.
  • There is a scope of similar functionality for custom folders.


  • Evaluator can access his folder by email link and post his comments on technical document.


Hope this will help.



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  • Hello Colleagues,


    Can anyone please help me in restricting CFolder authorization in sap ?

    Which authorization object will be suitable ?


    Thanks & Regards


  • Hi Devraj,


    Good Blog..


    I have a questions,


    1. How to create the below folders, little brief explaintion needed.

    1. PreBID (Custom)    – This area is used for pre bid quarries.
    2. PostBid (Custom)    – This area is used for post bid quarries.


    2.When I click the Technical RFx through Bidder02 , he is able to see the bidder Bidder01 technical bid folder also.  Can you  help us in this?





  • Hi Devraj,


    1st of all thank you for this brilliant blog.

    You seem to be an expert here and I feel you can help me solve this one.

    Currently we have a requirement where User wants custom date and time fields on this cFolder page. He/she selects a date, time and saves it. Now based on the entered date, we need to add up a logic whereby, after expiry of the entered date his Write Access authorization is changed to Read access only.

    Any input/Ref doc here will be highly appreciating.

    Thanking you well in advance and awaiting your reply here or you could mail me at