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New changes for PS in EHP7

Product Safety Business Function

As of SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 (EA-APPL 617), the business function EHS – Continuous Improvements for Product Safety (LOG_EHS_CI_4) is available. This business function contains changes and enhancements for the Environment, Health and Safety component.

Report Definition (New)

As of SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 (EA-APPL 617), business function EHS – Continuous Improvements for Product Safety (LOG_EHS_CI_4), the following new functions are available in the Report Definition (EHS-BD-RDF) component:

o In the Edit Cover Sheet Template transaction, you can insert address blocks in cover sheet templates for material safety data sheets that output the recipient and sender addresses according to the standard address format in the recipient’s or sender’s country. This means that you do not need to create separate cover sheet templates for recipient countries that have specific address formats.

o The address symbols are contained in the report symbol group 06X Address

Data for Cover Sheet. Up to 9 address lines can be output for each of the

following address types:

– RCACL 1 Address Data for Recipient, Lines 1 to 9 (EHS_RCACL1 to EHS_RCACL9): The recipient’s address is printed

– SNASL1 Sender’s Address, Sales Organization. Lines 1 to 9 (EHS_SNASL1 to EHS_SNASL9): The address of the sales organization is printed.

– RCACP1 Recipient’s Address, Contact Person, Lines 1 to 9: The address of the contact person for the recipient is printed. This is usually the address of a contact person within a company.

Effects on Customizing

o The function module C12N_DEFAULT_PARAM_ADRSYM_COV initializes the report symbol group 06X Address Data for Cover Sheet in the Customizing activity Specify Report Symbol Groups.

o You use the environment parameter SRE_ADRSYM_COVER_CTY_LANG to specify the language in which the name of the country of destination is to be printed on the cover sheet of the material safety data sheet. A parameter value is not set in the standard system, which means that if a language is not defined, the country of destination is printed in the language of the sales organization or sender.

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      Author's profile photo Mr. EHS EHSM
      Mr. EHS EHSM

      Hi Amol,

      Thanks for sharing this, I really appreciate.
      I have a quick question on EHP 7, I heard that Data Editor is now part of EH&S-PS EHP 7 solutions? is that true?

      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann

      Dear Tarun

      according to my knowledge Data editor is not part of a SAP standard solution (and therefore not part of EHP7). To my knowlede you still might get the tool as a "service" from SAP (special service). Discussion regarding on "DataEditor" in this FORUM is quite limited (same as with OCC).

      If you use google and similar options you will find threads as:

      SAP EHS Dataeditor

      SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: SAP EH&S Related Questions and Answers ?

      EH&S Data Editor - Create Dangerous Goods Class Load File in Data Editor

      Note 1674923:Data editor: Invalid ref. value for field Feld DATA_PROV

      Therefore: the interest in useof htis tool seems to be very limited


      PS: OSS Note 2084355 - Import of specifications and phrases with EH&S Open Content Connector

      might be of interest

      Author's profile photo Mr. EHS EHSM
      Mr. EHS EHSM

      Interesting C.B., So in this note, it says that using OCC/EH&S expert we can load the data. I never use this before to load the data through OCC. I am totally new to this.

      Do we need any pre-requisitesocc.PNG?

      I think if you want to use SAP OCC  you need to setup SAP EH&S Expert, so for this do we need SERC or any other content provider?
      Before I don't see any IMG Activities for these in SPRO, see the screen shot.

      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann

      Dear Tarun

      SAP EHS OCC solution and SAP EHS Expert solution are not related to each other (but delivered according to my knowledge using the same OSS note). As you have seen thread: Initial SERC Load with OCC

      The story is in most cases: first you must prepare a spec (either manually or using standard SAP import options); then you can use OCC to load additional data.

      According to my knowledge: if you check carefully the OSS note and the corresponding folder in which you will set up on your local drive the OCC you will get some insight about the structure of the XML file to be used. My understanding would be: as long as you use the "DTD" schema to prepare the XML file you can use OCC. OCC is a "general" tool to upload data. But yes I assume it is used in most cases as part of "SERC" to upload the data. Therefore: if you have found the corresponding OSS note for OCC and you have downloaded the tool you need to "extract" it (nearly similar as with WWI) the tool on a local drive: you will get some"subfolders" and in these subfolders you will find some "XML" examples etc.

      But the whole OCC set up must be done by you. As mentioned: Rule Sets / Secondary Data Determination provised some additional references to other sources of information.

      As we are not using OCC you need to check the links etc. by your own


      PS: check in any case: EH&S Open Content Connector - Specification Management (EHS-BD-SPE) - SAP Library

      and subchapters therein