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First conection with SAP and PHP

Hellos alls , this blog is about Web Services (WS) and trying to use them in PHP , it’s kind of cool , but it gave me a lot of headakes for 2 weeks to understand , i used HTML5 Builder (That’s right is in HTML5 just to proof that i can ,jejej)

So Lets….

what we are going to do is a simple conection to a WS and then show data in a grid , this is the UI for the page


As you can see is a button , a label and a grid just to show some data

Now to see the code

The declaration


This is how i star the code , but to be honest , it’s auto generated by my php suite ,jejeje , the only thing that i write in this part was line number 3 , (trust me we are going to need it)

Now i’ll show you the real code , when i click in the  button is gonna call the WS to sap and ask me about my credentials

 function Button1Click($sender, $params)
  // mi codigo THOR 15/05/2013
    // crea el cliente
    $wsdl = true;
    $cliente = new nusoap_client('wsdltabla.wsdl', $wsdl );
    $cliente->soap_defencoding = 'UTF-8';
    $cliente->setCredentials('adm1','Mjo2','basic')  ;

Firs we have to start a cliente , this is what is going to connect to sap , line 11 are declaration where we say to the WS that we are using wsdl file or direccion , in this case a file , becase by a url didn’t work

line 12  the decoding uds for this , more declaration for the client

line 13 is where we put the credentials to be sent to sap , in this order is user , password , and mode of autentication

NEXT time i’ll explain the other steps for this button , thanks

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