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Hi All,

After installing EHP6 for SAP ERP 6.0 on HANA , when we try to login – we might end up with dump error DUMP ZDATE_LARGE_TIME_DIFF in Installation Error category. Because of time difference between the Application server and Hana Database. You can try the below solutions.

1. You can adjust the time zone using YAST – NTP configuration to syn the time zone between the DB and application server.

2. While adding additional systems using HANA config tool – in the properties screen you will be providing the SID, Instance number, FQDN, Password, Installation path, Data and Log volumes which are the mandatory fields have to filled before proceeding further, but same screen at last you can find the time zone filed which is not marked as mandatory but keep in practice that you have maintained the time zone to avoid the dump DUMP ZDATE_LARGE_TIME_DIFF.

3. Loin to hana server using sidadm user and stop the database and application server using Management console. Change the directory to /usr/share/zoneinfo and use tzselect to maintain the location and time zone.

You have make the changes permanent for yourself by appending the line

TZ=’Australia/Sydney’; export TZ

to the file ‘.profile’ in your home directory then log out and log in again.

.profile can be found /usr/sap/SID/home/.profile

Make changes in and .sapenv.csh as well.

Please post your suggestions and comments or any corrections.



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      Author's profile photo Robert Paul
      Robert Paul

      Thanks for sharing, was helpful to me!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Kartik for sharing valuable informations, but there is small correction at last point.

      after changing the value with tzselect, you have to adjust the timezhon in and .sapenv.csh for the permanant change.

      Author's profile photo Kartik Natarajan
      Kartik Natarajan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for update.



      Author's profile photo Arun Chanda
      Arun Chanda

      i just edited exactly as described in this article to change the HANA DB time zone  from UTC to EST. I just edited the '.profile' file and restarted the OS and DB, the change did not take place. After i edit the '' & '.sapenv.csh' and restarted OS and DB which then reflected with the new changes. Thanks for sharing this article with screen shots. @Mukund Nikam You are absolutely true that we need to edit the files.



      Author's profile photo Joel Mwangi
      Joel Mwangi

      Hello TEAM,

      i have been trying to update the info above as my time is bhind with 3 hours.  I have first part successful as in the step above and its successful . however, i cannot locate home /. profile and the to make those changes permanent. Kindly help.

      Author's profile photo Arun Chanda
      Arun Chanda

      Hi Joel

      After logging with your <SID>adm account, just execute the following exactly, you should be able to find it.

      hana:DB:<sid>adm / 1004> $HOME

      /usr/sap/<sid>/home: Permission denied.

      hana:DB:<sid>adm / 1005> cd /usr/sap/<sid>/home

      Directory: /usr/sap/<sid>/home

      hana:DB:<sid>adm ~ 1006> ls -a

      .                        .esd_auth        logclean.log         .sdb

      ..                       .fontconfig         .skel

      backup               .fonts           mbox                 startsap_DB00.log          .gconf           .mozilla             startsap_.log    .gconfd          .muttrc              stopsap_DB00.log

      .bash_history    .gnome2          .nautilus            temp

      .bashrc             .gnome2_private  old_logs.txt         .viminfo

      bin                   .gnu-emacs       .profile             .vimrc

      .config             .gstreamer-0.10  .pulse               .xim.template

      .cshrc              .gvfs            .pulse-cookie        .xinitrc.template

      .dbus                .DB             .recently-used.xbel  .xsession-errors

      Desktop           .history         .sapenv.csh          .xsession-errors.old

      .dmrc               .ICEauthority

      Documents      .inputrc         .sapsrc.csh

      .emacs             .local