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Credit Limit should not affected for particular customer for certain products

Here is the scenario that credit should be inactive for particular customer (A,B,C) and particular product .Say this can be related in real time by ,for certain distributors region  the product is moving slow,in order to promote the product (X,Y,Z) company decided to sell to products to customers (x,y,z) where these products should have impact over credit management.

In order to achieve this,we need not want to use User exit or different item category group.

Here we have to create item category usage.

Item Usage.png

In the customer material info record,maintain Item Usage as below


Copy standard item category tan to xtan uncheck credit credit active


In the item category determination do the below setting


By doing  so ,we can make credit inactive for particular customer for particular product,for rest of the customer and rest of the products,the process will be normal credit management.

Thanks & regards,


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  • Hi Pradeep,

    How for specific material credit limit will not work. For example customer A for specific material X credit check should be active where as for material Y should not active.



    • arun,

      What is your question exactly?

      From configuration point of view, credit check is deactivated at item category level.

      This particular item category is determined, in the sales order, for specific customer and material combination. (with the help of Usage)

  • Pradeep,

    Very nice! Thank you!

    For standard configuration point of view this is a creative approach!

    But from business point of view, how is the payment done by the customer?

    There is no credit given for these customers, for some materials; does that mean that the customer pays at the time of collecting these materials?

    For other materials, the customer buys on credit?

    • TW,


      The hard copy of invoice will be available with Front line Sales Person of particular region they will be doing it manually.As this will be for a minimal period of time only.After a certain period of time those products will be moved into credit criteria.

      • Pradeep,

        Please answer the below –

        There is no credit given for these customers, for some materials; does that mean that the customer pays at the time of collecting these materials?

        • Hi TW,

          Pradeep’s intention is not like that but what I understood from the above scenario is when ever customer purchases these materials system should not consider the value of these materials against the credit limit given to the customers. customers have to pay for these materials based on the payment terms. Logically these materials are also supplied to customers based on credit but system should not consider this amount against the credit limit given to customers. The value of these materials will not increase customers credit exposure. As these materials are slow moving items where customers will not have interest to purchase these materials with in credit limit given to them by company.

          I hope it’s clear now.



    • Good content !!!

      CMIR Item Usage can also be used to determine any particular item category in Sales Orders Viz. AGNN – Free of Charge Item etc. and can be processed further ( delivery/billing ) if we have maintained relevant copy control .

      Best Regards/Rajesh