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Steps to configure Absence Quotas…

Hi there,

I have recently configured some absence quotas for a project I am working on. Reading the discussions in the SCN forum, I notice just how many other consultants are experience problems when configuring them.

I always refer to a check list (as I don’t ever rely on my memory!) and wondered if it could be of benefit to others.

You won’t go wrong following these simple steps when entering the world of an absence quota!

Define the absence type

  • Group personnel subareas for attendances and absences (V_001P_D)
  • Define absence type (V_T554S)


Define the absence quota type

  • Group employee subgroups for time quotas (V_503_E)
  • Group personnel subareas for time quotas (V_001P_I)
  • Define absence quota type (V_T556A)
  • Define deduction rule for absence quotas (V_556R_B)
  • Define and assign the deduction/counting rules
  • Define deduction rule for absence quotas (V_556R_B)
  • Define counting rule and assign deduction rule to it (T556C)
  • Assign counting rule to an absence type (V_554S_Q)


Define the generation rule

  • Permit quota generation without time evaluation (V_556A_B)
  • Specify rule groups for quota type selection (Feature QUOMO)
  • Set personnel subarea groupings for time recording (V_001P_H)
  • Base entitlement (V_T559E)
  • Validity interval of absence quota type (T559V)
  • Deduction interval of absence quota type (V_T559D)
  • Define rules for reducing quota entitlements (T559M)
  • Define rounding rule (V_T559R)

I hope that this helps!


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