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Hi there,

I have recently configured some absence quotas for a project I am working on. Reading the discussions in the SCN forum, I notice just how many other consultants are experience problems when configuring them.

I always refer to a check list (as I don’t ever rely on my memory!) and wondered if it could be of benefit to others.

You won’t go wrong following these simple steps when entering the world of an absence quota!

Define the absence type

  • Group personnel subareas for attendances and absences (V_001P_D)
  • Define absence type (V_T554S)


Define the absence quota type

  • Group employee subgroups for time quotas (V_503_E)
  • Group personnel subareas for time quotas (V_001P_I)
  • Define absence quota type (V_T556A)
  • Define deduction rule for absence quotas (V_556R_B)
  • Define and assign the deduction/counting rules
  • Define deduction rule for absence quotas (V_556R_B)
  • Define counting rule and assign deduction rule to it (T556C)
  • Assign counting rule to an absence type (V_554S_Q)


Define the generation rule

  • Permit quota generation without time evaluation (V_556A_B)
  • Specify rule groups for quota type selection (Feature QUOMO)
  • Set personnel subarea groupings for time recording (V_001P_H)
  • Base entitlement (V_T559E)
  • Validity interval of absence quota type (T559V)
  • Deduction interval of absence quota type (V_T559D)
  • Define rules for reducing quota entitlements (T559M)
  • Define rounding rule (V_T559R)

I hope that this helps!


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  1. Former Member

    Hello Will,

    A very good short and descriptive article…very well done… esp with the T-codes provided … ….absolutely A Grade!!!!! Thanx… provides a look from both the T-codes as well as the links…. so from a rookie point of view … ➕ advantage!!

      1. Former Member

        Hi Will,

        just had one query though …. where does V_T559L feature in the list after which step…can we use it?

        Since it has base entitlements, Quota types and Validity/deduction intervals in a single screen so asking….how would you fit it into the series!?!?


        1. Former Member Post author


          T559L is a table which brings many of the other tables together in one view so it’s easier to administrate your quotas, entitlements and generation rules etc. a bit like v_001p_all does for groupings.

          I hope this helps,


  2. Former Member

    Hi Will!…Thank you so much for your post!…I’m having trouble with the absence quota in a client, because they want the quota must be monthly, so, I configured that in that way, but when is a new employee, the quota has been created 6 monthly after their date in IT0041. What else can I check?…I already checked your list, and everything would be ok.

    I’m from Venezuela….Thank you so much!

  3. Sarah Godfrey

    Pretty good Mr Jackson! Hope you are well?

    Thanks for this, did the job in a nutshell and if you have anymore you want to share, please feel free!!!

    Take care 🙂

  4. Mamedo Mahmoud

    Hi Will ,

    when i tried to generate Absence quota for all employees this error messager appered

    No infotype 0041 exists for personnel no. 00000014 on key date 20151231

    however  infotype is Existing for all employees

    for your information in selection rule > Base entitlement (Key date for determining seniority) i choose date type (hiring date)

    Kindly Advise

  5. Jeffrey Pepito


    If Possible Please Explain below mentioned steps in detail


    • Validity interval of absence quota type (T559V)
    • Deduction interval of absence quota type (V_T559D)
    • Define rules for reducing quota entitlements (T559M)
    • Define rounding rule (V_T559R

    not understanding what should be the proper inputs










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