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SCN Today on The SCN Home Page

SCN, years in its presence in a modest yet astonishing journey has been an impeccable voice in connecting all those involved in bringing about business-transformations through SAP solutions across the industries that truly deliver on value and desired outcomes.

The SCN provides a fantastic social platform for all the SAP professionals to connect, collaborate, publish and share knowledge through organized content repository – SCN solution and industry spaces, university alliances, education and certifications spaces, events and partnerships spaces etc. The collective-sum-of-the-knowledge source created over the years is irreplaceable and invaluable.

I have great appreciations for all the SCN team members working and thinking of ways to improve SCN. And, here is a suggestion in that direction – SCN Today on The SCN Home Page!

Just like the SAP Mentor Blog Posts, Top Linked Content on SCN we could create SCN Today. This will be a collective aggregation and compilation of all the content – blog posts, documents and discussion forms – published by date. This provides an easy access to all the content published on a specific day and can have the navigational link through the home page.

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  1. Jason Lax

    I believe this is already provided on the SCN homepage. There’s an incredible amount of content on SCN and trying to share it all in a tiny box on the homepage won’t be very effective.

    Consider Activity feed, which you’ll find linked across SCN at the top right.  You can also Browse > Content to see all content sorted by date or activity and filtered by blog post, document or discussion thread.

    Getting Started with SCN  is full of useful guides on getting the most out of your SCN experience and I encourage you to have a look through the documents there.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks Jason. The idea is to create a dedicated link SCN Today on the SCN Home Page. The SCN Content is too precious and valuable to miss out!


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