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Full data load without PSA

We are having certain data sources which are not supporting delta. So we need to run full data load on daily basis. Sometime this full data loads are multiple time in a day.

Some Full Data loads are:

  1. Master data load
  2. Master data text load
  3. Full load to DSO
  4. Full load to Infocube after every full content and PSA deletion

This full type of data loads are keep increasing our data base size. As PSA will hold this data and we cannot override PSA. In other hand we are having one solution to delete this PSA after every successful data load to target. This consumes extra time as well as this is extra burden on Application server with database server. 🙁

BW 7.3 powered by HANA is come up with new feature where we can skip PSA data load. Our data is directly getting loaded throw DTP itself.

In DTP maintenance screen we can specify that to not extract data from PSA. So now we can directly load data from datasource without loading to PSA using InfoPakage.

The flag “Do not extract from PSA; use direct access to data source” will display if the DTP source is a DataSource from operational source system. PSA layer becomes optional now.

This option reduces load of BW housekeeping activity. 🙂


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