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Warehouse Activity Monitor in SAP WM

Warehouse Activity Monitor is an important tool provided by SAP which provides timely information to logistics managers about the pending critical activities.

By using the Warehouse Activity Monitor, he/she can control and manage the warehouse effectively. He/she can process the pending activities and/or instruct his team to do so.

The attached document describes how the SAP Warehouse Activity Monitor can be configured and used as per business requirements

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  • In actual practice, I tend to keep the standard critical durations for all parameters in the WAM (I think the SAP standard is 4 hours) until about 1-2 weeks after go-live.  Typically the warehouse managers are still trying to figure out the "rhythm" of how their business operates in SAP versus their legacy system and once they understand that, they can easily determine what the proper critical parameters need to be for one movement type versus another - particularly with unconfirmed TO's.  Then we can go in and easily fine-tune the configuration so that only the exceptions are identified - which is the entire premise of the WAM.  Leaving things at the standard 4 hours will frequently catch too many items in each parameter which are not really needing the focus of the tactical management in the warehouse.