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KM Migration

KM Migration with permission

In the export/import option , download and upload might be take long time and also server might be won’t accept for large documents request .For avoid that do the file transfer from export path to import path in .KMC format. Below are step to achieve that.

1) Login to the portal.

2) Create .KMC file with using export/import option.

3).KMC file will be there in below mentioned export path of source system.

(/usr/sap/SourceSystem/SYS/global/config/cm/expimp/export/) of source system.

4) Copy the file from export path of source system to import path of target system.

Export path of source system: /usr/sap/SourceSystem/SYS/global/config/cm/expimp/export

Import path of target system: /usr/sap/TargetSystem/SYS/global/config/cm/expimp/import

5) Imported .kmc can be view in pending import of target system.

6)Import .kmc file from pending list and check wether the permission got copied or not.

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