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Collection Management ~ Enhancement of Open Item Work list

A. Business Requirement

To enhance open item Work List by adding custom/additional standard fields for making it easier for Collection Specialist to perform more efficiently. The need could be any data as per your company’s business model. In our case for e.g. it was needed to add the Industry field from customer’s master.IMG01.jpg

Our client’s business model is aligned per Industry – Trade, Banking, Service, Manufacturing, Health Care etc., so it would make sense to have this data in collection specialist’s work list for him to check/filter only by specific industry, if needed.IMG02.jpg

Another case would be say; you have enhanced customer master to save additional data as per business need. These data if needed by collection specialist can be added in the work list.


B. Problem Statement

Add additional/custom field in the collection specialist’s work list. In our case, we needed customer’s Industry to be added in work list.

C. Analysis

The solution is simple implementation of BAdi provided by SAP. The search of this BAdi is also not much work. One can directly find it in IMG under following node.


The only analysis one may need to do is to decide which of the above enhancement point is correct for a given business need.  Both of the above two enhancement displays additional details in the work list, but from where it populates data for this additional field is the question – And also the answer to which of the BAdi should one choose?

1. BAdI: Enhancement of Work list Items on Creation (UDM_WL_ITEM_CREATE_C)

This enhancement as the name suggest is called when the work list is created (i.e. saved in table UDM_WL_ITEM). So if additional data should also be saved in database for later reference or report, it is better to use this BAdi. For e.g. if you calculate some additional key figures for the business partner then you can do it here. In this way, the calculated key figure will be saved in the table UDM_WL_ITEM and will also be displayed in the work list.

2. BAdI: Enhancement of Work list Items on Display (UDM_WL_ITEM_DISP_C)

This enhancement is called for each work list item just before the work list is to be display in transaction codes UDM_SPECIALIST or UDM_SUPERVISOR. So if there is no specific reason that additional data needs to be stored in work list table then it is better to use this enhancement.

A simple case would be what our client wanted. They wanted collection specialist to be able to sort/filter work list by Industry. Now since Industry is already available in customer master data and can be just displayed without being stored again in collection management (i.e. table UDM_WL_ITEM).

D. Solution

For our requirement mentioned in section B and for the reason explained in section C.2, we used enhancement BAdI: Enhancement of Work list Items on Display since we only wanted to display Customer’s Industry in the work list without saving it in again in collection management database. Customer’s Industry can be fetched directly from customer master table KNA1.

E. Technical Implementation

1.  Add custom/additional fields in CI include CI_WORKLIST_ITEM_ATTR of structure UDM_S_WORKLIST_ITEM_ATTR_C.

2.  Create implementation for BAdi – UDM_WL_ITEM_DISP_C

3.  Add code in the method BEFORE_ALV_DISP to populate custom/additional field.  Example as below.


F. Result

The additional field (Customer’s Industry in our case) is displayed in the work list.


G. Note

If you plan to use BAdI: Enhancement of Work list Items on Creation (UDM_WL_ITEM_CREATE_C), you will need to add field in both the CI includes mentioned below.



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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Pankaj,

      Thanks for your informative post.

      I am not a developer, but, would like to definte BAdI for this. Have few queries though:

      1. Can we use additional fields from SAP Banking module (that are not in AR)?

      2. How to bring these - any step-by-step instruction guide would be very helpful.

      Thanks in advance,


      Author's profile photo Vijay Venkataraman
      Vijay Venkataraman


      Have you been succesful in adding the new fields to the Invoice level detals ?


      Vijay V

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for asking, Vijay.

      No, as I was busy with other issues.

      I want to add columns to main worklist - not Invoice Level of BP.

      That is possible through BAdI of adding additional worklist items - as explained by Pankaj, but, I am stuck at first step - Customer Include - and wanted step-by-step instructions.

      For same, I gor Access key from SAP as well.


      Author's profile photo Vijay Venkataraman
      Vijay Venkataraman

      Hi AS.

      I have solved the main worklist.

      The steps are simple.

      Add the field in the config and then include it in the CI_* structure and then implement the BADI.  In case you need more details let me know. I never needed an access key.


      Vijay V