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The objective of this document is to know how to work on HP ALM tool

Author: Naveenkumar KC

1st Oct, 2013

Author Bio

Naveenkumar KC  is a certified BI/BO/HANA consultant with over 4.5 years of industry experience in implementation and support of SAP BW/BI


We got HP ALM recently and we are trying to import all our existing test cases to ALM. As we don’t have a tool before we maintained all our test cases in Excel sheets. We got one test case in one work sheet.

The Quality Center (QC) Excel Add-in enables you to export your test plan, requirements, or defects from Excel directly to QC. You can view the exported test plan in the test plan tree, the exported requirements in the requirements tree, and the exported defects in the defects grid.

This guide assumes that you have already installed the add-in, if you haven’t you can find the instructions and installation files here, you will need to have a HP passport login to access the page.

Once the add-in is installed you are ready to proceed.

1. Formatting Data

the first thing you need to do to export your tests from Excel to Quality Center is format your tests in your worksheet so they have the required data and are setup correctly to enable import into the test plan tree. The ‘Subject’ column indicates the hierarchical path of each subject test folder in the test plan tree.

The following example shows two tests Scripts, each test containing a number of design steps.

The Quality Center Export Wizard – Step 1 of 7 dialog box opens. Enter the QC server address, this can be got from the address bar of your browser when you are logged in to QC.

  Step 1–Log into HP ALM


Give the User Name and Password


Step 2–Give the Domain and Project Name


Step 3—Select the Test Cases


Step 4–Select the Mapping


Step 5–Map the Perticular Fields


Step 6–Map the Perticular Fields to Excel Column


Step 7


Test Cases will Export to HP ALM Application.

In  Next document  –Mapping Test Cases to Test Lab    —–>Link—

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