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Status Profile Functionality for SAP SD Professionals

How Status Functionality in SAP helps professionals to control different activities:

  • SAP status profile functionality which is basically a workflow enabled functionality
  • Status profile is enabled by assignment to the sales order type (header level) or item category(item level)
  • Every activity will be defined by status number
  • With the help of the status number you determine the sequence in which the user statuses are activated.
  • You can assign lowest and highest number to status number so that particular activity can work within that number
  • you can track all activities performed for particular document based on updated statues
  • it can also be used for reporting purposes.

How to configure status profile in SAP and enable for Sales documents:

  1. Define Status Profile:

SPRO——— Sales and Distribution———- Sales >Sales documents ———- Define and Assign Status Profile————Define Status profile

2.Assignment of Status profile at order type at below path:

SPRO——— Sales and Distribution———- Sales >Sales documents ———- Define and Assign Status Profile————Assign order type/Status profiles

3.Assignment of Status profile at item category at below path:

SPRO——— Sales and Distribution———- Sales >Sales documents ———- Define and Assign Status Profile———– Allocate status profile to item categories

5.Enter Authorization code to change the status:

t-code BS02 can be used also

Details about User Status:

Status Number:

It is the number which is assigned per activity and it is unique to every status.


This is the text  which will flow to sales document once it is activated and update as per business activity mentioned in the configuration.


whenever sales document is created by default this status will be activated to it.

Lowest Status No:

This will ensure that particular activity will be performed within this lowest number and once that activity is performed this will get deactivated.

Highest Status Number:

all activities will be performed till this number and it will block other activities or status updation having below status number than this.


it will give you at which place this status can be activated.


if several status have same priority then status which has highest priority will have preference.

Step by Step usage of Status in Sales Document  status tab and approval process:

1.Based on initial Status ,order will have status A001 as per configuration

2.Update User exit logic based on business requirement and call function to change the user status and it will change to A002 as pending for approval

3.Use Authorization object to approve or reject, it will again call function to change the status as per maintained in the status profile and after approval it will change to A003


  • Status profile functionality is useful to track activities in a sequence and create workflow based approval process.
  • Statuses can be used to control and communicate.  Statuses can be used in reporting.
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