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Recent OSS notes SLcM


Some OSS notes recently released that might be of interest for SAP SLcM customers:

– 1873395: HRIQ_STUDENT_FEE_CALCULATION EHP 6 Problem (for all EhP6 custo
– 1762027: PIQSMFU -setting multiple appraisals to completed
– 1871700: Table PIQDBATATT doesn’t contain change date and user
– 1899002: Student file doesn’t use full screen (Horizontally)

– 1849440: Unable to create the Admission Application when continued without entering any data
– 1791285:  Issue in BAPI_STUDENT_GET_NUMBERS in clearing message number
– 1917606: PIQEVALM:Exam room and event room allocation are independent


SAP IBS (Higher) Education & Research

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  • Hi Rob,

    A customer in Colombia is evaluating SLcM, Are there any restrictions to activate SLcM in the current ECC? for example: what happens if the customer has currently activated FI-CA? I just read some restrictions in note 1865866 ...

    Best Regards,


    • dear Johny;

      There are no restrictions (anymore). SLcM can completely run on the HANA db including the FICA/PSCD component (since April this year). Of course by using/applying the latest SP's etc.

      Kind regards


  • Very good afternoon, Rob Jonkers.
    A question!!
    Do you know, what services does FICA offer?
    For example, Claims, returns, etc.


    • Dear Migual; the SAP SLcM Student Accounting module provides the following functionalities:

      • Fee Calculation Process
      • Fee Calculation Configuration.
      • Fee Calculation Configuration Financial
      • Fee Calculation Other Fees
      • Sponsoring/Grants
      • Document Posting and Processing
      • Correspondence
      • Payments
      • Clearing and Account Maintenance
      • Dunning and Collections
      • Additional functions like:
      • Reversals & Reset Clearing
      • Transfers
      • Doubtful Entry/Individual Value Adjustment
      • Write-off Process
      • Deferrals & Installment Plan
      • Interest Calculation
      • Bank Returns

      Kind regards - Rob

      Solution Management SAP SLcM.