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Some OSS notes recently released that might be of interest for SAP SLcM customers:

– 1873395: HRIQ_STUDENT_FEE_CALCULATION EHP 6 Problem (for all EhP6 custo
– 1762027: PIQSMFU -setting multiple appraisals to completed
– 1871700: Table PIQDBATATT doesn’t contain change date and user
– 1899002: Student file doesn’t use full screen (Horizontally)

– 1849440: Unable to create the Admission Application when continued without entering any data
– 1791285:  Issue in BAPI_STUDENT_GET_NUMBERS in clearing message number
– 1917606: PIQEVALM:Exam room and event room allocation are independent


SAP IBS (Higher) Education & Research

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    1. Rob Jonkers
      Post author

      Hi Katerina;

      Presently this note is in Pilot release as we are working on testing various scenarios with the customer.Let me know the customer number and we will add them to list of pilot customers.

      Best regards,


  1. Former Member

    Hi Rob,

    A customer in Colombia is evaluating SLcM, Are there any restrictions to activate SLcM in the current ECC? for example: what happens if the customer has currently activated FI-CA? I just read some restrictions in note 1865866 …

    Best Regards,


    1. Rob Jonkers
      Post author

      dear Johny;

      There are no restrictions (anymore). SLcM can completely run on the HANA db including the FICA/PSCD component (since April this year). Of course by using/applying the latest SP’s etc.

      Kind regards


  2. Former Member

    Very good afternoon, Rob Jonkers.
    A question!!
    Do you know, what services does FICA offer?
    For example, Claims, returns, etc.


    1. Rob Jonkers
      Post author

      Dear Migual; the SAP SLcM Student Accounting module provides the following functionalities:

      • Fee Calculation Process
      • Fee Calculation Configuration.
      • Fee Calculation Configuration Financial
      • Fee Calculation Other Fees
      • Sponsoring/Grants
      • Document Posting and Processing
      • Correspondence
      • Payments
      • Clearing and Account Maintenance
      • Dunning and Collections
      • Additional functions like:
      • Reversals & Reset Clearing
      • Transfers
      • Doubtful Entry/Individual Value Adjustment
      • Write-off Process
      • Deferrals & Installment Plan
      • Interest Calculation
      • Bank Returns

      Kind regards – Rob

      Solution Management SAP SLcM.


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