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Equipment vs Class Report


To develop an ALV report showing Equipment and the Class assigned to it.

Please see the screen capture of a report showing Equipment vs Class assigned.


Do we have such report in standard system? We didn’t get when we needed this years ago. Ours is still ECC6.0 with no EHPs.

We expected such information from standard reports like IH08, but same unavailable.

Then I have developed a Quick-view fulfilling this need and assigned a Tcode to it.

Are you also one among those who need this report? If yes go through this document. It is a simple method of developing this report in PRD server itself through SQVI.


Run SQVI Tcode.

Create a QuickView eg., Equip_Class,’

Give a Title ýou like e.g., Equipment vs Classification

Choose ‘Logical Database‘  in the Data Source.

Type ‘EQI‘ in the Logical Database field, and press Enter to continue.

(All this Means you are about to create a Quickview using Logical Database EQI.)



If you are in ‘Basis Mode’ click on this button to switch to ‘Layout Mode‘.


Now you’ll see the following.


You need not have to do anything on the left side ‘Data Fields’ area.

See in the Right side ‘List fld. select.‘ tab.

Choose the fields you desire to have in the ALV output here. Select these from ‘Available fields’ (Right side list) and transfer to Left side.

In the above example, I have chosen 6 fieds as per my requirement.

Define your own Selection screen

Go to ‘Selection fields’ tab.

Here you’ll see 4 fields have been already given by the system (with Lock icons), which you can not remove.

But you can add your own fields for selection criteria.

In the example below, I have added 5 such fields (5 to 9).



It is almost done now.

Save the work done so far by clicking on the Save button at the top of the QuickViewer screen..

Now click on Execute button to run this program.


The Selection-screen


The output


A report for Functional Location vs Class can also be made in exactly similar way by using Logical database TPI.



We have done all this work in PRD server and have seen the realtime data in the output by executing the QuickView.

Instead of going to SQVI and executing this quickview from there everytime, you can give a Tcode to this work.

Get the Report Name.

In the SQVI initial screen, select your Quickview, click on Quickview at top left corner –> Additional Functions –> Display Report Name.


You will be getting this pop-up displaying the Report name you’ve just made.


Now to create a Tcode there are two options.

1. Ask your technical person to create a Tcode you desire with the program name shown above.


2. Do it yourself in ABAP client through SE93 Tcode and transport it to PRD.

This applies to the other Quickview also (FL vs Class)


Most of the steps described here apply while dealing with Infoset Queries also (SQ02, SQ01).

SAP has provided many Logical Databases in the system, which often come to our rescue while working with Queries and when we do not get proper tables to fulfill our requirements.

This document has been made with beginners in mind. For members with SQVI experience, it is a simple communication to use Logical database EQI or TPI to make Technical object vs Classification Report.


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