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UWL – Problems with “wait duration before calling providers on loading of UWL”

Hello everybody

I would like to share with you about a new SAP note which has been released for UWL component:

1886490: UWL does not show the most up-to-date items after logon

This note is about the parameter “Wait duration before calling providers on loading of UWL”, which does not behave properly in case it is set with 0 as its value.

In case you expect UWL to show the most up to date workitems as soon as the user arrives in the UWL without having to wait, then 0 must be informed in this parameter. In case a value other than 0 is defined for it, the information in the UWL Cache for the user will be shown before the time configured is reached, when the retrieval from the providers will be made.

If you have set 0 as the value BUT you still have message “The list of items shown here might be slightly outdated. Waiting for update” showing in the UWL, then you might be running in the issue described on SAP Note 1886490.


Armando Zaro

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  • hi ,

    thanks for this i to facing this problem ...i have set it to 10 in my uwl ...and still some times as u said it is getting outdated sometimes already which are not approved and going to second level ...can i know why ? if we apply did my issue solve ? let me know once

    • Hi Malyadri!

      In fact the note comprehends the scenario where you configure "0" as the value for this property. As you're telling me, you've set it to 10, so it doesn't really fall into the scenario described by the note.

      In regards to your question, I'm not sure that I could understand it correctly. Could you please rephrase it so that I can know what your actual question is?



      • hi Zaro....

        as i have problem sometimes in uwl wen employee applies leave automatically id shud get delete after approval but in my case the approved leave also is shown to manager after as it shud delete automatically ........can i know why this problem arises most of the times .........even though i refreshed and log in again.......and sometimes it is going to dump screen .......wen i click tat approved request in tasks.....let me know any permanent solution for this

        • Hi Malyadri

          If I understood your concern correctly, you're looking forward to having Real-Time Refresh for UWL workitems after they are approved/completed. In order to have this, you have to configure and enable the refresh of completed items in UWL according to the following documentation:

          Please check based on the above documentation.

          Regarding the fact which you also brought to my attention that the tasks are still shown "even though i refreshed and log in again.......and sometimes it is going to dump screen", I would suggest you to try clearing the UWL cache so that to see if the items would disappear from the UWL. Of course this wouldn't be a final solution, but rather a step on drilling down so that to find the root cause.

             Steps to clear the UWL cache:

             Please go to "System Administration" -> "System Configuration" ->

             -> Universal Worklist & Workflow

             -> Universal Worklist - Administration

             -> Click on cache administration page

             -> Click "Clear Cache" button.


          Armando Zaro

          • hi zaro,

            thaks fr ur i done tis process ...but my outdated tasks are deleted wen i go to swia and select n search  tat outdated task and complete it manually ..........i think i am missing some other process there any background job  to clear approved tasks automatically  if this problem arises to me in only the process above u mentioned or else any other kindly suggest me........

          • Hi Malyadri

            If you use the UWL to work with the tasks, you should ONLY use UWL for this purpose. There is no how to configure a scenario where you can approve/reject tasks at the backend directly, and then wait that the UWL performs an automatic refresh of the tasks which you have approved at the backend.

            You should only use the UWL for approving/rejecting workitems, especially if you expect real-time refresh in the UWL.



          • hi zaro ..

            as specified in tat note in uwl it is not allwing me to give value as 0 (ZERO) minimum it is allowing from 5 ...and the above note is nt able to implement into my system....cannot be Implemented  status .....

    • Thanks for the feedback Andy!

      Also nice to see the wiki page mentioned by you! I've bookmarked it here!

      Glad that you'll include the note there, as other UWL counterparts can be facing this problem and finding the note in an easier way is always better!

      All the best too!

      Armando Zaro