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Author's profile photo Ervin Szolke

Release activity using the cmstool

Often I can see that MII customers are having problem with the transport cycle, since releasing an activity is not offered by the MII User Interface but this action has to be carried out either using NWDS or the cmstool. In order to avoid the installation of a huge 1GB Developer Studio there is a simple way of releasing activities using the cmstool. This is what I intend to detail here.
Let’s start out from the assumption that an activity is already available created in the MII UI.
Let’s also assume that the activity has been activated so in order to hand over the activity to Consolidation for import we need to release the activity first.
Download the cmstool
cmstool is available on the service marketplace inside the SC DICLIENTS (this is valid as of 710, on older releases it is coming with the NWDS installation and available under the eclipse folder).
  1. Navigate to:
    – Browse our Download Catalog
    – SAP NetWeaver and complementary products
    – SAP NetWeaver
    – Entry by Component
    – Development Infrastructure
    – DI CLIENTS 7.30
    – # OS independent
  3. Extract the SCA file and navigate to:DEPLOYARCHIVES/tc~di~cmd_tools~sda.sda/
  4. Extract file to your local machine from where the NWDI server is also accessible.
Start the cmstool
  1. Start the command line tool (Start – Run… – cmd.exe)
  2. Enter the cmstool folder (e.g. „cd C:\di_cmd_tools\cmstool”)
  3. Set the following environment variables:
          – set NWDITOOLLIB=..\lib
          – set JAVA_HOME=<your JDK> (e.g. set JAVA_HOME= c:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_37
   4. Invoke the tool (cmstool.bat)
   5. A log on prompt appears, please enter the corresponding data and press Enter.
     6. as result the command line prompt appears:
     7. connect to DTR by entering the command “cd”
List and Release activities
  1. Consider an activity you created on the MII UI, in this example let’s call it demoactivity
  2. Assuming you have activated this activity, it is possible to list this activity in cmstool as follows:
      :cms> la –s <software component> -w –u NWDI_DEV
      The <software component> name can be figured using the command
     :cms> lsc –developed
or from the DTR webui:
     3. Notice the activity ID you received, in this example 871b961521f511e39abe0000005e0a6a
     4. Release the activity as follows:
    :cms>rel -s sap.com_SAPNWDEMO -a „871b961521f511e39abe0000005e0a6a” –cap mydemoActivityJustReleased
      Note: if you use –cap  with quotes („”) e.g. –cap „my test activity” then you can create more user friendly activity names separated with spaces.
Hint: use help release to see how to use the command. The help also includes examples.
     5. Our last task is to go to the CMS webui, select the track, click on the Consolidation tab and Import the activity we have just released.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Ervin Szolke Thanks and Good Info !!!

      Author's profile photo Ervin Szolke
      Ervin Szolke
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Nagarajan Kumarappan ,

      I am glad to hear you find it helpful!



      Author's profile photo Konstantin Chernega
      Konstantin Chernega

      Hello Ervin,

      Would it work for CM Services scenario when it's connected to CTS+? At activity release in NWDS a transport request is created in CTS+. Will the command line tool create the TR as well?



      Author's profile photo Daniel Kordes
      Daniel Kordes

      Hi Konstantin,


      command line tool does only work for CMS. For CM Services there is no command line tool available. So for CM Services you need to use NWDS.


      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Matthias Hollstein
      Matthias Hollstein

      Hello Ervin

      thank you for this helpful post.
      this is working fine!

      is there any possibility to use either NWDS or cmstool command lines to release activities?
      if DICILIENTS is deployed on NetWeaver, is there another GUI available, maybe?

      Thank you in advance

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Ervin Szolke
      Ervin Szolke
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Matthias,

      I am glad if my blog helped 🙂

      Of course, you can use NWDS to do that, here some hints in this other thread where exactly you can find that functionality

      Here a more detailed product documentation on release:

      I am not aware of other tools (only NWDS and the cmstool this blog addresses)

      I hope this helps.




      Author's profile photo DA ZHI YANG

      How to connect CMS through character interface and execute "LSC, LS" command?

      run cmstool.bat

      connectcms -c <cms url (http://server:port)> -d <domainID> -t <trackID> -u <user> -p <pwd>;

      it quit ,cannot execute "lsc ls" command.



      Author's profile photo Viktor Romasz
      Viktor Romasz

      Hello Da Zhi Yang,

      Please find a command example below, regarding how to initiate the connection towards the CMS from the CLI client:

      cc -c -d MAIN -t Basic -u user -p myPassword

      In addition please make sure that when you start the tool (cmstool.bat) you execute it with admin permissions. The tool will work properly only, if you run it as admin.


      Best Regards,