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Quick PDF

As you all are Aware of Generating PDF copy form any Ouput Document as  few Community Experts  have shared to generate Pdf of Invoice in Different ways.

we Appreciate thier contribution

To Recap the same

1.SE38—>RSTXPDFT4—>Spool Request—>Generate PDF(by Mr.Jignesh Mehta)

2.Sending E-mail of the Pdf copy of the invoice from the Spool Request(by Mr.Shashank Gupta)

Apart from the above I wish to Add one more Method to Quickly Generate PDF from any Output Document Across all modules regardless of Authorizations,as it can be Generated very Easily by Any User. 

Example.Sales Invoice


VF03–>Print Preview–>Type as PDF! –>Enter

The System Automatically Generates PDF in Seperate Session



The screen shot of the Generated PDF which can be Saved


Hope this Might be Useful

Thanking you


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