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As you all are Aware of Generating PDF copy form any Ouput Document as  few Community Experts  have shared to generate Pdf of Invoice in Different ways.

we Appreciate thier contribution

To Recap the same

1.SE38—>RSTXPDFT4—>Spool Request—>Generate PDF(by Mr.Jignesh Mehta)

2.Sending E-mail of the Pdf copy of the invoice from the Spool Request(by Mr.Shashank Gupta)

Apart from the above I wish to Add one more Method to Quickly Generate PDF from any Output Document Across all modules regardless of Authorizations,as it can be Generated very Easily by Any User. 

Example.Sales Invoice


VF03–>Print Preview–>Type as PDF! –>Enter

The System Automatically Generates PDF in Seperate Session



The screen shot of the Generated PDF which can be Saved


Hope this Might be Useful

Thanking you


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  1. ' MoazzaM '

    I never thought that this can be so easy and simple 🙂 I always followed the spool rquest and then SE38 process 🙂 but now will follow this. I have tested this and its working for VF03 but not for other customized Z transactions or standard reports too. Might be some parameters issue but good to know this new informtion. Thank you Shiva Vasireddy for sharing this.


      1. ' MoazzaM '


        There is a program which we can execute in SE38 and by giving spool request number we can get PDF file for that smartform. You can google to find that program.


  2. Former Member


    I tried the above steps, but it is not generating PDF in any session. After typing PDF! and pressing enter, it remains in the same screen. Any config or authorization issue??



  3. Suman Sardar

    Hi Siva,

    Although I know this but could not thought this could be so informative.

    Thanks for sharing & at the same mentioning the old member’s effort.



  4. Phanikumar Valiveti

    This was excellent Siva.

    I tried the same with VA02 too.

    But unable to get the converted PDF in separate screen as we are using ECC 5.0.

    Please tell me my mistake.


  5. Former Member

    Hi Siva,

    Thanks for sharing information, I want to add one more point to this topic–

    “PDF! will work only for smart form output types, but in SAP script output types this transaction  will not work”



  6. Ricardo Cirilo Ledezma

    So useful! Everytime I have to show a test to the customer this always replays with a… “can we print it from here?” … Now I can say, thanks to Siva we can.

    Great you share this.



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