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Extracting Multiple Rows using Drill Down in SAP Dashboards 4 (Xcelsius)


We cannot extract multiple rows while performing a Drill down from a Pie chart or Column chart etc directly.We need to apply a simple trick.

Please find below steps to perform a multiple row drill down in SAP Dashboards(Xcelsius).

Data I am using is :

Table 1

City Temp
Delhi 23.7
Pune 33.2
Mumbai 34.7
Kolkata 25.5

Table 2

City Reading 1 Reading 2 Reading 3
Delhi 23.4 26.6 34.2
Delhi 34.4 33.3 26.6
Mumbai 34.2 45.3 33.3
MUmbai 34.2 25.6 45.3
MUmbai 26.6 33.5 25.6
Pune 33.3 34.4 34.4
Kolkata 45.3 34.2 34.2
Kolkata 25.6 34.2 34.2
Kolkata 33.5 26.6 26.6
Kolkata 26.7 33.3 33.3

Requirements – I want to create a Pie chart on city and Temp as per  Table 1 and as I click on the pies according to the click data should display on an excel sheet from Table 2.

Steps –

1.Create the simple Pie chart on the Table 1

2.Now, We have the Pie with 4 Pies as Delhi,Mumbai,Pune and Kolkata

3.Now Create a Combo Box component and select its label as whole city column from Table 2.

4.Put Combo Box’s insertion type as FIltered Rows and select the whole Table 2 (Data Only) as source and corresponding target i.e. same number of rows and column as Table 2.

5.Now, we want to change the Combo Box entry automatically as per our Pie selection, for this go to Pie Chart Insertion Tab and select insertion type as Row.

6. Select the whole Table 1(Data Only) as source and one row with two columns as Target, now as user will select a Pie corresponding entry will go to Target row.

7. Go to Combobox – Behavior tab and map the Selected Item as Label and map it to the Target row (Column – city) of Pie Chart Insertion which gives us the CIty


8. Now, take a spreadsheet component and map its display data as the Target of Combo Box.

9. Also hide the Combo Box from user, so that user will get a feel of drilling data from pie chart only.

10.Please find attached sample xlf of the above example.Kindly extract the zip and change the file extension to XLF.



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      Good info...

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      Thanks for this ...

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      Hi Javed,


      I am stuck in similar situation! I have chart and column chart and user wants to have feature to select any pie area/column in column chart and see popup details for that selection.

      Let me know if you have any idea on how we can achieve this please. I did not find any attachment in this thread so could not try this..