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SCN Topic Space Consultation Paper: NetWeaver Basis Architecture Space

SCN Topic Space Consultation Paper: NetWeaver Basis Architecture Space


Update 27th September 2013

Update 1)

. Tagging Architecture content with the tag architecture & <SAP_AREA>_architecture

One of the outcomes of this consultation process is that from today onwards, all new

and old content


     documents etc


which are related to architecture need to be tagged with the tags



     (where <SAP-AREA> is the area of SAP this content is reflecting, eg, crm_architecture

     bpm_architecture netweaver_architecture hana_architecture fico_architecture

     pi_architecture etc, you get the picture)

This way, we are preparing all SCN architecture related content, old and new, we are preparing the

ground for the content to be searchable for architects and to be visible in a future Architecture

(Sub) Space

Update 2)

As part of this consultation process we need to define what is NetWeaver Architecture and what

would a NetWeaver Architecture (Sub) Space if it were to happen contain ?

To this end, there is a new document here, specifically for containing this subject, so please, if you

want to influence and give input to this subject come over there and join the discussion

Update 3)

We now have a Category NetWeaver_Architecture under the NetWeaver-Technology-Platform Space.

We need to use it or lose it.

If we use it, we have the chance to get a (Sub) Space.

From now on, all NetWeaver_Architecture related content, blogs, discussions, documents _must_

be tagged with NetWeaver_Architecture.

for discussions make sure to put NetWeaver_Architecture: as part of the subject and use the tagging

More info here.


Thanks to Benny Schaich-Lebek and Mariana Mihaylova for their support and patience in

this process.

Update 4)

This is the link to the NetWeaver Architecture Discussions



SCN acts as a container for Topic Spaces across a wide range of SAP universe related


A Topic Space in essence is a home for everything to do with that topic within the community,

including essentially:

     . Discussions

     . Documents

     . Blog Posts

     . Related Resources

There is one collective within the SCN Community, one group, who are not currently represented

by an SCN Topic Space, and that collective, that group is,


          NetWeaver Basis Architects

This blog will lay out in the open the proposal and request for a new SCN Topic Space for

NetWeaver Basis Architects within the SCN Community

What Is NetWeaver Basis Architecture ?

NetWeaver Basis Architecture is a huge and complex subject spanning:

     . vertically the depths from blue print to realisation and operational support of a SAP system

and spanning

     . horizontally across all SAP components

Basis Architecture is from the two sheets of A4 describing the initial requirements of a greenfield

implementation to operationally supporting existing installations and everything in between and

around it.

This means from planning SAP installations through to keeping SAP running, and across all

SAP components and their integrations and non-SAP components and their integrations down

to the database and the operating system, and upto disaster planning and recovery.

There is currently no home, no Topic Space, where like minded Basis Architects (and others) can

discuss and blog and document and share knowledge and collective experience on the NetWeaver

Basis Architecture subject

Today there is nowhere for like minded Basis Architects to call home, to chew the cud and share

experiences and challenges.

What Do We Need ?

Within the grounds of the SCN Community we need a new Topic Space to planned,prepared and delivered

for NetWeaver Basis Architects.

It won’t be an overnight exercise, as with any such task there needs to be proper planning and preparation

to prevent poor performance.

As part of the preparation, for example, Moderators will need to be selected for the Discussion Forums, tags

will need to be prepared for indexing and cataloguing NetWeaver Basis Architecture Content.

Ultimately the deliverable should be a Topic Space for NetWeaver Basis Architects following the same

template as other Topic Spaces in SCN including:

     . Discussions in NetWeaver Basis Architecture

     . Documents in NetWeaver Basis Architecture

     . Blog Posts in NetWeaver Basis Architecture

     Obviously as content in NetWeaver Basis Architecture grows so the Topic Space will have rippling

     stacks of:

               . Related Content


               . Recent Activity

               . Popular Content

               . Key Topics

               . Related Resources

     and as already mentioned:

          . Moderators

     and naturally eventually:


          . Top Contributors

Next Steps:

NetWeaver Basis Architects:

     . If you like this proposal, please give contructive feedback in the comments, this will be your

     chance, to have a home, where everything NetWeaver Basis Architecture will be under one roof

Aspiring NetWeaver Basis Architects/ Basis Administrators and Everybody Interested In NetWeaver

Basis  Architecture Subjects

     . If you would benefit from having one Topic Space on the SCN related to Architecture feel

     welcome to give your constructive feedback in the comments section below

SCN Community Leaders

     . If you agree with this proposal, let’s all work together to deliver it to the benefit of all

Looking forward to feedback,


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  • Hi Andy,

    We generally accept new space requests from SAP employees but I would like to review this. Is there anyone within SAP that can sponsor this request? And it's certain that this cannot be a category within and existing space?



    • Hi Jason,

      thank you for taking an initial interest in this proposal.



      Is there anyone within SAP that can sponsor this request?


      I will find a sponsor.

      And it's certain that this cannot be a category within and existing space?


      In my opinion NetWeaver Basis Architecture justifies it's own Topic Space, and on top of this the subject is so broad and deep, I would not be surprised as the Topic Space evolved that it would sporn Sub-Topic Spaces.

      Let's see what happens, I've made the first step in the journey, what this needs most now is the support of others who share the same vision and goal.

      Can I do more, Yes I can, what I can do next is contact SAP people in the SCN Community and gather support, that's my next step.

      I've been surprised for a long time that Basis Architects and Basis Architecture doesn't have a Topic Space.

      All the best,


        • Hi Manikandan,

          what this proposal needs right now is more people to support it.

          If you think this would be a valuable Topic Space for the

          SCN Community then talk to your friends and colleagues

          who have similar interests and ask them

          to come over here and give their feedback and support.

          If nobody shows support it will be hard to argue with SCN

          Leaders that there is a genuine interest from the SCN Community

          for such a Topic Space to be created.

          This is just the beginning of hopefully a long journey which if realised

          will ultimately benefit everybody with an interest in the Basis Architecture


          Have any of us ever wanted to discuss and question and philosophise

          architectural challenges, questions, designs, the goal is the Topic Space

          is to provide a home for all of those questions, strategies, future opportunities.

          To do this will cost SCN time and money, and if there's no interest then

          how can the investment be justified ?

          All the best,


    • Hi Soumitra,

      thank you for the support.

      I'd like to add, for everyone, I will be delighted and more comfortable if anybody who LIKES this Proposal, rather than clicking the LIKE button, please leave a comment instead of clicking LIKE.

      For this Proposal feedback and comments and discussion and engagement are more valuable than the LIKE button and on top of this I am not interested in profiting from points on this Proposal.

      If you have ideas to contribute to this Proposal then feel welcomed and free and safe to add them.

      If the Posposal is successful the Basis Architecture Topic Space will need Contributors, for blogs, documents, posting and answering questions, if you see yourself as interested to be part of that, add it here.

      All the best,


  • Hi Andy,

    I support this initiative. As a Basis guy I am very much interested to have this space 🙂 . I would also like to suggest you to create a poll on this topic and link it with is blog post so everyone can vote on it which may help SAP to make decision.

    Sorry if am wrong..


    Mahendra varman

    • Hi Mahendra,

      thank you for your positive feedback and support.

      You are not wrong no need to be sorry.

      I won't do a poll, my reason is, polls can be can be distorted, just look at politics.

      My goal is to get concensus on this subject through engagement and discussion.

      Thank you for engaging on this and feel welcomed to continue.


  • Hi Andy,

    It's totally appreciative and worth having dedicated space for NW BASIS Architecture.

    Till now, we (read BASIS only) were mostly engaging in the following spaces, when it comes to in and out BASIS stuff:

    But what I feel is that these two spaces are as wide in reality as you can imagine theoretically. So the Basis stuff finds the cozy place in either of the spaces, but I feel it's a very well clearly defined area that will be at advantage if kept dedicated separately.

    The above two spaces in general are about the NetWeaver technology platform and many a times if you see, there is a spatter of assorted topics coming in these places which are not exactly BASIS or may be, based on the way you judge. One for example I managed to get hands on is

    The above two spaces are huge & great, and they serve a good number of queries and by that I mean hard-core technical too.

    But, it would be really great, to have a specific NW BASIS ARCHITECT space and moderate it in terms that following can be encouraged:

    1) Deep Technical Concepts

    2) Best Practices & Experiences in and about the SAP BASIS Practice

    3) Open discussions to explore Landscape Architecture possibilities and what works and what doesn't in reality.

    And all of this is IMHO, of course 🙂

    Perhaps, others can add to the possibilities list too in helping to secure a vote for Netweaver Basis Architect space.



    • Hi Akshay,

      thank you for taking the time to give this feedback, I am with you 100%.

      Especially regarding:

      But, it would be really great, to have a specific NW BASIS ARCHITECT space and moderate it in terms that following can be encouraged:

      1) Deep Technical Concepts

      2) Best Practices & Experiences in and about the SAP BASIS Practice

      3) Open discussions to explore Landscape Architecture possibilities and what works and what doesn't in reality.


      This is precisely what we are missing today.

      You are also correct to invite others to recommend areas which will by covered by the Topic Space.

      This would present an opportunity do design the Basis Achitecture Space from the ground up, an architecture question in itself 🙂

      All the best,


        • Hi Eduardo,

          thank you for joining this discussion, everybody is welcome, that is a very good question which I will come to in a moment,

          the first question for this blog and Proposal discussion is,

          is there is a common concensus and demand for NetWeaver Architecture to have a (Sub) Topic Space ?

          Once this question is answered, preferably with a yes,


          the you are quite right to question how many Topic Spaces there are for NetWeaver, Steve Rumsby and Tom Cenens have also suggested the NetWeaver Topic Spaces could be reorganised,

          and on top of this, it is also being questioned whether NetWeaver Architecture should be a Sub Topic Space.

          What do you think about NetWeaver Architecture, and do you think NetWeaver Architecture justifies it's own (Sub) Topic Space ?

          All the best,


  • I must admit my first thought when I read this is that the NetWeaver content should all really be in one place and splitting out the architecture discussions into a separate space doesn't make sense. Then I realised that there are already two NetWeaver spaces - administrator and platform - and I'm not sure there's a lot of consistency about how those are used.

    I wonder if, rather than creating a third space for NetWeaver discussions, we should be looking at merging everything into one NetWeaver space, with sub-spaces for architecture, operations, etc.?


    • Hi Steve

      I agree with you but then again I haven't been as active in either of these spaces as I used to be since my focus has shifted to SAP Solution Manager to a large extent.

      I find it confusing to know what goes where when I see the two spaces that exist today. It's like Application Lifecycle Management & Solution Manager, another confusing combination ...

      I would think:

      SAP Netweaver Administrator

      SAP Netweaver Architecture

      Gives a more clear view on which content belongs where but even then, it should somehow be stated or mentioned which kind of content is expected in which space.

      Best regards


      • Hi Tom,

        thank you for contributing.

        I'm all for Steve's (thanks for the contribution Steve) and yours and Benny's

             NetWeaver Architecture



    • Hi Benny,

      thank you for joining this subject.

      I don't see how a Category will achieve what is being requested.

      The request is really clear, and no matter how long it takes, how long the community has to wait, that is what is needed and what is requested and proposed,

           . a (Sub) Topic Space for NetWeaver Architecture

           following the specification outlined above in the blog body

      Anything else is compromise and devalues Architecture.

      And that's really the point of this Proposal that Architecture is given the Space it deserves.

      All the best,


      • Hi Andy,
        Great to see how nicely this discussion is coming along.
        From my perspective a category is an easy and nice way to jump-start this, not a compromise. With this we will be moving ahead instead of waiting.

        An effective way to measure traction is giving means to SCN contributors to categorize their content – every blog, document and discussion could be associated with this category.

        If a lot of traction is created and Architects jump on to it, this will be a very good basis to apply for a topic space/ sub-space. Let’s not forget that spaces are subject to audits and categories are not.

        Best wishes,


        • Hi Mariana,

          my biggest motivation for trumpeting this cause, is I would like somewhere for NetWeaver Architects to engage and discuss, in their own room, their own discussion forum.

          What do I mean by their own discussion forum, I mean, a discussion forum where when you look down the list of discussions, you only see discussions about NetWeaver Architecture.

          At the moment, there is no such room where Architects can discuss, at the moment, Architecure is all over the place and not consolidated into one list of discussions, easily accessible and therefore easy for people to contribute and engage, and therefore, fluid.

          Wouldn't it be a luxury to browse Architecture discussions.

          In parallel to having a room containing only Architecture discussions, it would be nice to have what the other spaces have, lists of latest contributions, blogs, documents, etc, most popular content etc.

          One of the things I have learn't in life, is knowing when to accept and when to reject offers. It is a kind offer that Architects will have a Category, but it is less than half of the job, and what I have learn't in life is sometimes it is better to do nothing than half a job.

          Therefore, my position is this, if we Architects cannot have a space, let's do what you say and from now Tag all Architecture related documents and blogs with the Tags Architecture and Architect etc, and let's wait patiently until the wind is blowing our way and the SCN Leadership leans more towards giving support to NetWeaver Architects.

          Everybody is welcome to give their feedback on this, I am not a dictator, I just want somewhere for Architects to engage in a fluid way, their own discussion room and a place for their favourite documents and blogs 🙂

          I've deliberately, not contributed on Benny's discussion thread because it is useful to have the whole discussion in one place, otherwise it will become messy.

          Best regards,


          • Good Morning Mariana and All,

            like Meatloaf (from the Bat Out Of Hell Album, 'let me sleep on it'), having slept on this, and with my adult head on, here are some thoughts...

            If we think about the SAP Community Network as a Town

            A Town has a Land Plan which evolves based upon demand as the town grows.

            For sure, SCN will have a Town Plan regarding Spaces

            What we have done here, is made a proposal and this blog could be thought of as a consultation document

            In a Town, when somebody requests something new for the town there would normally be, a consultation paper, and a consultation period

            Normally the town's planners would meet once a year and review the strategic land plan for the town and all proposals for ammendments to the town plan and the results of consultations during the consultation periods

            Why don't we keep this blog as a place holder for the consultation on the NetWeaver Architecture (Sub) Space

            Why don't we have a consultation period, no matter how long the consultation period will be, because, everybody who would like this Architecture space, can wait as long as it takes

            When the SCN Town Planners meet next time, no matter when that is, we would like this proposal to be considered and tabled as a change to the SCN Town plan

            Then if the ammendment on the table to the SCN Town plan was approved, the SCN Town Architects can themselves, think about where the NetWeaver Architecture Space would fit in, and perhaps think strategically if perhaps as part of the process to implement an SCN Architecture Space would include forward looking redesign of the NetWeaver Space itself

            How's that as a way forward ?

            We the proposers/requesters would be naive and immature to think we can walk in with a proposal and get this change overnight, the fact is, it needs to be considered in the bigger picture and included in SCN's planning review

            In the meantime,

            . everybody who creates any content remotely related to architecture should tag their content with the architecture tag - that's a pre-requisite for the future, so why to wait. (have a look at my content, I've already started doing that, and re-tagging old content too so that it will show up in architecture searches

            . everybody interested in architecture should take the personal action item to re-tag their old content (blogs, documents etc) with the word architecture, or netweaver architecture

            And then we wait for the Town Planners to meet, if we are lucky we will be present at their meeting and can present our case.

            If we agree this strategy I will update the Blog/Consultation Paper and advise that we are in the consultation period and interested parties should:

            a) tag any new and their old architecture related content with the tag architecture

            b) keep supporting the consultation in the comments section

            And we will wait and follow the process as professionals.

            All the best,


      • The idea of starting with a category is not to stop space efforts. A category is what I as a space editor can give you immediately, while a space needs much more time and effort. AND there are the forces of SCN, who have a general dislike of opening new spaces without getting significant reason to do so.

        Showing efforts that have already happened and activity under this category is definitely a positive measure and in addition it will be much more easy to shift categories or tags to a new space.



        • Thanks for the support Benny. I am totally with you to start small today and expand a little every day, than wait for a big-bang that may never happen.

          If there is a Town Hall meeting we better have something solid to show them.



          • Hi Mariana,

            ok, thank you.

            We start with the Category.

            It is a great shame we don't have our own Discussion Forum, but, we know, Rome wasn't built in a day.

            Anybody starting discussions around the NetWeaver Architecture subject please do not forget and make sure to put NetWeaver_Architecture: in the Subject line.

            Have a great weekend everybody.


  • In this process our next task is we need to define,

    1) What is Architecture

    2) What should be covered in the NetWeaver Architecture (Sub) Topic Space

    All feedback is welcome, together we will find the answers, so feel free and safe to give your thoughts.

    I will have a think to and come back with my ideas in a bit, got some paid work to do first 🙂



    • These are some of my ideas of what NetWeaver Architecture covers:

      design and architecture of complex SAP Technical solutions

      SAP Technical Design issues

      SAP to SAP and SAP to non-SAP design and issues

      SAP anytime anywhere on anything

      System Landscape, Platform and Technology design and strategy

      Future proofing SAP strategies

      Continuous Improvement Strategies

      Upgrade and Migration Strategy and Implementation

      Across all SAP Components and beyond and Topic Areas, I mean, BPM, Hana, ECC, CRM, PI, Sol_Man, HR, PI, etc etc the architecture work behind everything and the Non-SAP, so, MQ Series, legacy systems integrations, integrations with best of breed products and strategies and solutions - everything

      Across all integrations of SAP with other products

      Across operating system and through databases

      Across Network and Server architecture and topology

      Disaster Planning and Contengency

      Project Planning and Delivery

      Value, return on investment

      Data Center - from the SAP perspective


      Please add to the list of what is involved for in NetWeaver Architecture and the Architect's Role and what interests the Architect has.


      • Wow, that's quite a list. It seems to cover some things that also legitimately belong elsewhere. If this is what you mean by architecture I'm not sure you're going to succeed in your desire to keep all architecture discussions in one place. Do you think you could maybe narrow your definition a little?


        • Hi Steve,

          I took those items from a NetWeaver Architect job specification I recieved and it just goes to show, Architecture is a huge subject.

          I agree, when NetWeaver Architects get their (Sub) Space there will need to be defined rules of engagement and the content and discussions will require governance to ensure that the discussions really fit into the Architecture space and should't be elsewhere.

          We can narrow down the list when the time comes and then apply rules of engagement and governance.

          All the best,


          • I think it just goes to show that job descriptions aren't constructed the same way as SCN topic spaces. You are going to have to think very carefully about the list of relevant topics to avoid overlap with existing spaces and the possibility of making the fragmentation worse, not better. A well thought out proposal is also more likely to be accepted.

            I agree with your suggestion above to start tagging all relevant content, and after a while see what has turned up. Hard facts about what architecture-specific topics people are discussing will help the proposal enormously. I would suggest doing this for content in all current spaces, to capture opportunities for consolidation, not just in the existing NetWeaver spaces. For that reason I don't think creating a category would help.


          • Hi Steve,

            thanks again for balanced feedback and I agree.

            Proposing, debating and agreeing what is architecture and what it encapsulates would be part of the process.


  • Hi Andy,

    OneStop Shop for “NetWeaver BASIS Architecture” excellent idea and initiation, Its worth having dedicated space for such an important area “NetWeaver BASIS Architecture” , Hope SAP comes back with positive response for this.


    Uma Shankar

    • Hi Uma,

      thank you.

      I think, no matter how long it takes, one day NetWeaver Architects will get their (Sub) Space on the SCN - I cannot promise when, but it is a question of time and being patient.

      All the best,


  • Hello Andy,

    SAP architecture is getting more complex with every new release, thus as dedicated space can really help... even if is transverse subject.

    There should a sub area (link ?) for solution manager (SMSY, LMDB), that is a crucial tool for building an architecture, acting as a kind of repository.

    Best regards


    • Hi Yves,

      thank you for contributing to this.

      Agree with everything you say, one day when we get our space, there will have to be rules of engagement regarding discussions, because in some areas there is a grey area between architecture and basis administration, but basically I see it like this

      architects design

      basis administrators implement

      and the Architecture space will contain the discussions about design, how can I integrate that with that, what would be the best strategy, etc and the the NetWeaver Administration Space Discussions would discuss the nuts and bolts of what to click where what parameters to set where to get it to work

      All the best, and please, if you have friends interested in Architecture ask them to come over here and give their support.


    • Solution Manager is a huge area and already has a space (or two, if you count the ALM space) to itself. Discussing it in this new space would just fragment things, and one of the purposes of this proposal is to bring architecture discussions together, not split them up. The list of appropriate topics needs to be constructed very carefully.


  • Hi Andy,

    This is a great initiative you have taken. Basis Architecture in
    NW arena is a huge list (well i would say a good debate area on where the
    border is).

    It will be a knowledge, best practices, practical tips sharing
    area for architects and as the fellow member said, it could really help to tag
    blogs and documents already existing round NW Architecture to this space...

    All the best. I support this!



    • Hi Jerin,

      thank you for contributing.


      If you have friends interested in Architecture please ask them to come over here and give their support.

      All the best,


  • Hello Andy,

         Great suggestion, I fully agree. SAP Basis Architecture is an area not supported. But who can do without it? We seem to be a group not represented and fragmented in representation. So it would be great to have a place where just like the other areas. Blogs, questions etc can be aired and shared. It would be great for an architecture space. The NW platform or administrator spaces I don't think cover pure architectural discussions or issues.



  • Hi Andy, Everyone

    I am totally with you and agree Architects should have their dedicated space.

    Do not get me wrong - having a category will be just the start, not the solution. We could start today. Name it the “proof of concept” for this requirement.

    There is a lot of work to be done, so why not start today? Let’s start small right away and then expand at the desired pace, see who wants to be involved, form a moderators team, etc, etc. The content will pile up in the meantime, we would have the proof of concept and everyone could see and join.

    How fast we will move to a space/sub-space is only up to the Architects community.

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Hi Mariana,


      I am still not sure about this Category.

      Please would you do this, search these comments for word:


      read that comment and the one after it, and then give your feedback.

      If after that in your experience you still believe Category is the best next step then ok,

      why not to go that direction ?

      Still, as you will read in those comments, my goal is engagement through discussions and will a Category have Architecture Discussions ?

      All the best,


  • So what is an SCN category exactly:

    > Categories generally represent a sub-topics of the main topic in a space.

    > Categories help users sift through content in one space therefore they minimize the
    confusion and contributors wondering "where should I write this" or "where can I find this info". Combining is always best than creating several silos.

    > They are "governed" or controlled by space owners as opposed to user tags
    which can be created by anyone

    > They are specific to a particular space – blogs, documents, discussions - and can only be applied to the content created in that space

    Since you and other contributors started tagging content with the user tags architects, NetWeaver Architects they will show up when this category is created and users go filtering by this category.

    Again, I have proposed this because it has proven to be a very good jump-start for other topics and we now can clearly see, demonstrate and justify the need of a separate space/ sub-space for them.

    Hope this is helpful,


    • Hi Mariana,

      thank you.

      Did you read the other two comments, from my side ?

      Please do this,

      search these comments for the word


      then read that comment and the one after it

      One of my deal breaker goals for this consultation and proposal is that we get an exclusive Architecture Discussion Forum which will bring engagement.

      If we cannot get an exclusive Architecture Discussion Forum  (as described in the two comments I am referring to) then my opinion....  we are better off to wait, until such time as SCN Town Hall approves the proposal for a full blown (Sub) Space with Discussion and all the bells and whistles.

      In the meantime there is no excuse for anybody interested in architecture not to tag their new and old content as architecture.

      And to that end I have updated the beginning of this paper with a request for people to start tagging their contributions as architecture.

      All the best,


  • Hello Everyone,

    Just to make sure this is a smooth experience for all:

    Please first make sure you are following the SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform space

    When you want to use the category, please start a blog, a document or a discussion from the space and in the text editor, below the Attachments field you should see a tick box for the

    Great to see this going ahead!!

    Have a nice weekend all