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Multiple Change Documents in a single Request for Change(RfC)

Customer’s of SAP Solution Manager have been demanding from a long time to have a concept where we can have Single Change Request capable of combining multiple changes or change document types.

With SAP Solution Manager 7.1 it is now possible to create a  single Request for Change(RfC) with multiple change documents

In addition, we can not only create them in sequential way i.e. one by one it is also possible to create them in parallel.

I am assuming readers are aware or had implemented Change Request Management in Solution Manager 7.1. For setting it up check the below configuration guide

In case, you would like to configure ChaRM for PoC can try blogs/articles mentioned below:

How To – Configure ChaRM on Single Managed System with multiple client for PoC(Part1)

How To – Configure ChaRM on Single Managed System with multiple client for PoC(Part2)

Handling of multiple changes is an excellent feature because we can combine 2 Urgent Corrections or 2 Normal Corrections or 1 Normal or 1 Urgent Correction in the same Request for Change(RfC)

In addition, before proceeding I am assuming you have all the relevant roles for change manager as per security guide ( provided link for SP08 version so check in Marketplace as per your requirement)


Change Manager composite role  (SAP_CM_CHANGE_MANAGER_COMP) or relevant as per your case, I am showing a sample for change manger authorization as below

Sequential Development Requests

Let us say, our Change Manager wants to create a Urgent Change for an existing Request for Change for which General Change is implemented and status of RfC is Implemented as shown below.

Click on the Request for Change(RfC) and enter edit mode. Click on action’s Tab and choose EXTEND SCOPE, this will enable a state to create another Change Document.

As shown below status will be reset to EXTEND SCOPE, now insert new Urgent Change (for example) into this same RfC. Perform action Release For Approval as shown.

Now status will be set again as TO BE APPROVED and requires Change Manager approval.

Post Change Manager approving it and releasing it for development, we can now see 2 Change Document which are of different types as i.e. One Urgent Change and General Change are getting developed.

Parallel Development Requests

So next question might be is it possible to have multiple development or change documents in parallel for the same Request for Change(RfC).

Answer is Yes

Let us choose the same RfC on which Urgent Change is getting development and not yet completed.

In the same Request for Change(RfC), choose again action EXTEND SCOPE save it. The status will be now set back to EXTEND SCOPE from BEING IMPLEMENTED.

We now have again the opportunity of adding new change document. Let us add new Urgent Change and release it for approval as shown.

Now status will be set again as TO BE APPROVED and requires Change Manager approval.

Thus above will enable us to implement multiple changes in parallel for same Request for Change(RfC).

Also we faced an issue with date and time post approval so implemeted below note. Kindly check based upon your version.

Note 1810064 – Approved at date and time not cleared with extend scope

Also, some more useful notes we applied like

Note 1770274 – Approval Procedure won’t be locked after intial save

Note 1799372 – Resetting status the approval procedure remains closed

Note 1703790 – When status is reset approval procedure stays closed

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      Author's profile photo Himanshu sharma
      Himanshu sharma

      Great info Prakhar!!



      Author's profile photo Prakhar Saxena
      Prakhar Saxena
      Blog Post Author

      Thank You Himanshu

      Author's profile photo Praveen Nenawa
      Praveen Nenawa


      I wish to add two custom fields under "Change request scope"  AB of ChaRM.

      I got to know that the lines items under this AB comes from table TSOCM_CR_CONTEXT,

      and the structure is TSOCM_S_CR_CONTEXT_DISPLAY.

      The component/View is AIC_CM_SCOPE_D/AICCMScope.

      I have three Context nodes there with base entities BTRefObj,BTAdminH,BTAICScopeH.

      BTAICScopeH is displayed as table.

      I am trying to add fields to the mentioned table/structure so that it automatically appears in workbench and

      on screen.

      When I am running AET on WebUI I am getting following BO's :














      SHIPPING .

      I tried with each one but none is serving the purpose.

      Can anyone please help which BO should I choose ?

      Is there anything in CRM to know BO corresponding to a table

      OR Tables corresponding to a BO ?


      Author's profile photo Sumit Bafna
      Sumit Bafna

      Thanks Prakhar for sharing the above.

      Could you also throw some light on how to manage sequencing of Transports which is assigned to different Change documents. There can be multiple Change documents and each Change documents can have multiple Transports, so would like to understand how this can be handled if we implement the above process.