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Dear ABAP in Eclipse Team,

many systems with many clients means many passwords to me. And if I do want to make things right, I need to use a password manager (and generator) for this task. To manage my logons I am using KeePass, from which I can directly access the systems via SAPGUI.

For to be able to use KeePass also for to logon in ABAP in Eclipse, I would appreciate very much, if you could change the title of the Logon Window from “Logon to System” to “Logon to System for ABAP Project <name of the project>” or any other title which at least contains the name of the ABAP project.


Thank you ABAP in Eclipse Team for following my suggestion. From Version ADT 2.19 on you can use Keepass now very easily with ABAP in Eclipse:

For to be able to use Keepass for to logon to an ABAP project the Name of the entry in Keepass must be the project name.

Furthermore the autotype sequence must be changed to {PASSWORD}{ENTER}:

If Keepass is started and the user is logged into it and if you are then in the password field of the ABAP project logon you can type Ctrl+Alt+A and Keepass will do a global auto-type.

That means that it will search for entries, where the entry name is part of the text in the window title. If it finds exactly one entry, auto-type will be performed. If it finds more than one entry, a popup with the entries is shown and the user must choose one.

What is necessary for the Logon Screen is also valid when you create a new  Project.

New ABAP Project.png

After filling in all fields but the password, the project name should be shown in the window title like this: “New ABAP Project – <name of the project>”.

And finally also for the Change Password Dialog:

Change Password.png

In the window title it should say “Change Password – <name of the project>“.

Thank you in advance for your support,


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  1. Former Member


    in our company KeePass is very popular. I’m faced with the same problem for using KeePass in the Eclipse ABAP enviroment. It will be helpful if you extend the title of the system logon window in Eclipse.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Peter,

    the new version of ADT (2.19), contains also the change that shows the title in the logon dialog.

    Unfortunately, the change for the dialog “new ABAP project” is more difficult, because the project name is not known yet. The user would be able to change the project name on the next page.

    Please let me know whether this helps.




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