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Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan

Time To Move On!!! Try Central PI Monitoring with SM 7.1 SP7!!!


SAP is continuously introducing latest innovation on each and every product. As we already know that from SAP PI 7.3, we have the option to install standalone Java Only component for PI, Last week SAP released SAP PI 7.4 which optimized for dealing with HANA DB. SAP already released the Solution manager 7.1 on HANA  which is similar to SM 7.1 SP08.

As customer, we have been learning the new features added to PI 7.3 Monitoring and also identifying the how those new features getting impact on Solution Manager 7.1 SP7. Through this blog I could like to share what are the possibilities available on Central PI monitoring in solution manager.

Available From

Central PI monitoring ( PIMON) is one of the new features from SM 7.1 SP 0 onwards (applicable for SAP PI 7.1 SP6). Its like other functionality in Technical monitoring workcenter, but from SAP PI SP 7.3, it has some more improvements. All the enhancement in PI Monitoring part of solution manager go along with PI NW version. With PI 7.3 the entire PI Monitoring in solution manager highly integrated with integration engine process monitoring. From PI 7.3 you can directly view the PI monitoring dashboards available in Technical workcenter of solution manager 7.1. You can get the details here Monitoring – What’s New in SAP NetWeaver 7.3 (Release Notes) – SAP Library

Time…. is Now!!

We are currently using PI monitoring from RWB and very few interface monitoring with respect to solution manager, But we felt It is the perfect time to get with central PI Monitoring solutions available in SM 7.1 SP7.

RWB is one of the local monitor (Other local monitors for PI are SXMB_MONI) which been used in decades, its only help to monitor the individual PI domain or we can go ahead with typical NWA as CEN system based on CCMS/RFC based monitors. These local monitors also been enhanced time to time for each release of PI.  Can be reviewed some of the enhancement with screen shots here

SAP PI 7.3 New Local Monitoring Tools

Though you can get lots of enhanced features in local monitors , But using RWB we cant monitor the message processed in new AEX ( Java-only stand-alone installation option for SAP NetWeaver PI 7.3) . In such systems monitored can be done via, Central PIMON solman, local NWA for PI. JAVA alone PI is very light application and more over cost saving approach instead of installing the entire NW PI, which compatible with Solution manager PIMON in SM 7.1. Since Technical monitoring is purely based on SMD agents.

We do use BPMon Interface monitoring PI related Key figures. But again this is not covering other features like component, message monitoring.

Another reasons we could go for Central PIMON in solution manager, instead of typical monitoring approach, its monitored centrally one place, can be direct to the root level cause of the problem or reporting by integration of other solution manager cabalists like RCA, ITSM.

if we look into the configuration perspective also, PIMON setup can be done via self guided wizards, which is better approach than NWA or BPMon where we need to go for some steps manually.


And I could say all the issues which we faced with respect to the PI Monitoring is already identified, corrected. delivered in Wiki, PiMon_Home – Technical Operations – SCN Wiki. Couple of weeks before we successfully completed our PIMON monitoring setup with minimal effort.

customers view

After the implementation, our customers also delighted, and they commented that two things they liked with PIMon in solution manager, there are central dashboards and easy navigation approach.

Central PI monitoring available in solution manager helps to monitor components, channel, message, in addition we can also have the message search scenarios. Using central user-defined message search – Technical Operations – SCN Wiki


Pleasant Dashboard view of PI Monitoring


Detail navigation for each nodes


Channel Monitoring Navigation


Use cases

I like to hear from all of you. How many of them implemented, How do you all feel ? Please be very open to share your experiences, use cass, pros/cons of PIMonitoring on your perspective in this space as comments.

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      Author's profile photo Billy Warring
      Billy Warring

      My experience with PI Mon has been a little disappointing...but not from the SolMan perspective.  😕

      Within my PI environment, configuration or code has been set in such a way that Business Processes report to SolMan that there has been a failure.  According to the PI Basis lead, everything is working...

      Currently my time is being put into TDMS, after which I think I will be looking to some PI training; as we have other problems that should be only being able to point PI at 1 ECC client at a time.

      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Billy,

      sorry except the auto config wizard in solution manager, there is NO Other coding required for PIMonitoring in Technical workcenter.

      All data collection taken care by SMD agent and Extractor frame work.

      Please explain bit further your issue, will try to help you.



      Author's profile photo Billy Warring
      Billy Warring

      Yeah the issue isn't with Solution manager...per say.  In my PI environment the coding/configuration while makes things works always has a failure in the monitoring tools on PI and SolMan.

      So unless things are re-done within PI, PI Mon on SolMan does nothing for me as its in a constant state of failure...but compared to the other issue with only being able to communicate with 1 client forcing the Basis team to re-point PI at a different ECC client if unique unit testing needs to take place.