This blog covers the details of the IBase, partners, backend tables involved, dumps and fix.

IBase Inconsistencies – Partner dumps & Fix:

Symptom: IBase screen ends in a dump when partner details are opened. (When an IBase is opened using the TCode IB52/IB53 and Go to –>

Partner, link is clicked.)

IBase search.png

IBase details.png

When partner link is opened in the Menu, it ends in a dump/Run time error MESSAGE_TYPE_X. (Run time error can also be found in TCode – ST22)

3. Run time error.png

4. Dump details.png

Background: IBase details like IBase number, external ID of the IBase, IBase categories etc. are saved on the table IBIB which is the key table for Ibases.

IBase partner details are saved on the table CRMD_PARTNER along with the partner function.

IBPART is the link table between the Ibase on Table IBIB and its partner data on CRMD_PARTNER. All the links between IBase and partners are maintained on this table with validity dates.




5. IBase search.png

Copy the IB_GUID_16 and go to table IBPART

6. IBpart search.png

7. IBpart data.png 

Copy the PARTNETSET and go to table CRMD_PARTNER

8. Partner search.png

9. Partner data.png

Copy the PARTNER_NO and go to table BUT000

10. bp search.png

11. bp data.png

IBase corruption issue: Reason for this dump could be multiple lines on the table IBPART for the same IBase with validity dates in future. These two lines will point two different records on the table CRMD_PARTNER with the same partner function.

Fix: When there are two records on the IBPART table with valid end dates in future. Valid to date on the unwanted record should be changed to a past date to invalidate the record. This will ensure that there is only one valid partner link for an IBase.

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