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How to refresh Hierachies in BW

If there will be a change in the hierarchy of a company we will need to load those hierarchies in SAP BW.

There are two ways of loading hierarchies in BW are as follows:

  1. Load Hierarchies from ECC.
  2. Load Hierarchies through Flat file.

Here I will explain how to load Hierarchies in SAP BW from SAP R/3 system with the help of an example lets say we have a requirement of loading hierarchy for Profit Center – 0PROFIT_CTR.

First of all maintain 0PROFIT_CTR hierarchy in the source system SAP R/3

  • Profit center Group can be created by transaction code – KCH2/KCH3.
  • Profit Center Hierarchy can be maintained by Transaction Code – KCH5N.

Once hierarchies have been maintained in ECC, we can load it in BW.

To load the hierarchies in BW follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Tcode – RSA1 search for 0PROFIT_CTR.PC1.png
  2. Expand the tree Go to the infopackage if its already created or créate a copy of the Infopackage if its already existing in a process chain.


3. Go to Hierarchy selection tab click on the button to refresh Available Hierarchies from OLTP.


4. Once the hierarchies have been refreshed from OLTP, under the  hierarchy selection tab of the infopackage, check Radio button for the hierarchy which has to be loaded in BW as shown below for

Here we have “XYX BPO.FY12” to load from ECC.


5. Click on Save button to save the changes in the infopackage.

   Click on Schedule tab, click Start to execute the Infopackage, once started click monitor button to monitor the execution as shown below.



6. You will see records will get loaded.


7. Check whether the hierarchy is loaded or the Profit centers have been refreshed or not.


That’s how hierarchies can be loaded in BW from R/3 source system.

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  1. Former Member

    Nice article.

    But how do we know the specific HIER datasource?

    Also, can we create a custom profit centre object and load hierarchies to that?

    Need to use this in authorizations


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