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Reorganization of Planned IndependentRequirements-MD74, MD75 & MD76

With the reorganization function, you can delete planned independent requirements for which there are no sales orders in the database :The aim of Reorganizing is to delete the old PIRs from system.

This reorganization is carried out in 3 steps:

1. Adjust requirements (Transaction-MD74):

The planned independent requirement quantities that have not been assigned before the specified reorganization key date ( This date can also be in future) are set to zero and are flagged for reorganization.In this step, you can also set the system so that it deletes all inactive planned independent requirements.


2. Reorganization of schedule lines (Transaction MD75):

The system checks which planned independent requirements were set to zero – either by reduction or consumption or by “requirement adjustment”.Schedule lines that have a quantity of zero before key date are deleted from database

3. Deleting history (Transaction MD76):

Once the reorganization process is completed, the history can also be deleted by determining a key date. The key date for deleting histories can differ from the key date of reorganization.

Reorganization period:

  As an alternative to Key date we can maintain a reorganization period per plant in the customizing of Demand management which is calculated backwards from the current date. The system first checks whether a reorganization period is maintained for the plant to be reorganized. If this is the case, the system
subtracts the interval from the current date to determine the key date.

If no interval is maintained for the plant to be reorganized, the system checks whether intervals are maintained for other plants. The highest value is then used to determine the key date.

It is recommended that reorganization should be carried out periodically for example once per month.



Anupam Sharma

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      Author's profile photo shailesh kurdukar
      shailesh kurdukar

      Thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Good document,


      Author's profile photo sandeep praharaj
      sandeep praharaj

      Nice Document Anupam . Keep it up. 🙂

      Thanks & Regards

      Sandeep Kumar Praharaj

      Author's profile photo SUPRIYO SENGUPTA

      hi Anupam,

      Good information.

      Can't the reorganization of PIR be planned to execute daily in batch job just before the MRP batch job run ?

      Thus first it will remove all the past forecasts (i mean PIR) so that MRP considers only the future PIRs.

      Is it a normal frequency? I mean daily reorganization? Does any client practice this? Or Reorganization is kind of Monthly activity only. performed every month



      Author's profile photo Anupam Sharma
      Anupam Sharma
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Supriyo,

      Thanks for appreciation,

      This reorganisation is kind of period activity which should be executed once in a month, as for current month,you have some PIRs, sales requirements for which PIRs consumption and reduction will happen and accordinly your MRP after the end of period you need to reqorgainse the unused,history PIRs so that it will not affect the next month Planning results.

      For more info check SAP Note:135807


      Anupam Sharma

      Author's profile photo Graham Harrison
      Graham Harrison

      Great post thanks for sharing...   

      I'm curious to understand where the "reorganization interval" is maintained. 

      Can you provide details of the table/field?  and if it's relevant S4 HANA?



      Author's profile photo Dirk Schuler
      Dirk Schuler

      Valuable information, this is highly appreciated.

      There is one question left related to the statement 'This reorganization is carried out in 3 steps'.

      Does this mean I have to run 3 jobs in sequence, each one with the corresponding job templates you describe in step 1 to 3 ?

      I am running S/4 Hana Cloud, Release 2111.

      Thank you.




      Author's profile photo kishore seth
      kishore seth

      good blog