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One size fits all

We are running SAP in a holding company which is not exactly a holding and subsidiary companies are in a value- chain of holding company. I mean although they have to follow all strategies of holding company and they are doing a specific task(s) to complete a product or service of holding company but they have their authority in some way also then they have their own internal process and can make decision about how to run them.

Now how we should implement and specially provide SAP in this holding? As I know almost holding companies like SHELL has their own IT department which is in charge of SAP implementation and support. Also I have heard some holdings have decided to closed their own SAP department and just keep a few people to control and monitor the SAP issues and take SAP consultancy from private consultancy companies.

Do you think there is a solution fits all holding companies or it depends? It depends on what? Is it depend on Holding situation and strategies? Is it depends on SAP market in the country? Or what?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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  • If I understood you correctly you're talking about a scenario where a holding company and its subsidiaries have implemented SAP and now to provide support services to the group you want to determine which support model is better; 1) to have an in-house SAP competency center or 2) to outsource the support services? Your concern is about the Holding ONLY or for the companies part of the group?

    • Hi Faisal,

      Exactly you have got my point.

      Not only my concern is for all subsidiary companies but also I am think should this SAP center give services to companies out of holding also or not.

      For example I know Siemens has such SAP center which not only are responsible for implementation and support in all companies of Siemens but also they give the same services for other companies. I mean they act as private SAP consultancy company.

      I am not sure about detail but I have seen, for example, in Turkey, SAP (Or IT department I am not sure) of Siemens implement SAP for clients.

      Do you have any such a experience to share here? How is your company model in this case? Are you running SAP in a holding?



      • Providing services to external customers, in addition to internal, depends on your SAP center's capabilities and business opportunities.

        My experience with Siemens was on a consulting assignment for one of its SAP clients. And my current role is with a customer's SAP Center of Excellence providing services to its internal sister companies.

        • Faisal as I mentioned Siemens is just a sample and I would have more information about SAP center you are working for.

          For example I have heard the same for some Turkish companies they could not manage such a SAP center and each year they have to hire new and junior staff and train them. Then stuff works for 2 or 3 years for SAP center then s/he leaves it and join SAP consultancy companies and they have to again hire new and junior staff and again the same cycle. You know the cost of keeping such a team, train them and so on are so expensive, isn't it?

          So some of them decide to close SAP center and just keep a few employees just to control the issues but do nothing and give consultancy services form private SAP consultancy companies.

          Do you have such a issues in you SAP center? How you engage employees to continue working in your SAP center and don't leave it.

          • I think other experts on the forum can also share their opinion here. Mine is "both the 1) employer and 2) employee have options to terminate the work contract they have, anytime".

            There is a cost for employer, obviously, when an employee leaves, I understand. But just as employer is looking for best talent, employees are also looking for best employer.

            So "Why employees leave?" could have many answers including "personal reasons and work related issues". For personal reasons, employer may not be able to help their employees fully but work related issues could be addressed somehow.

            As the subject issue is not limited to SAP resources but to all, I think you could possibly raise it on some HR forum as well to get additional feedback. Please share your findings with the community at SCN. It'd be interesting to know more about the subject issue.