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How to download Batch Input Session Log?

There is always a requirement to download the Batch Input Session Log, but always people are roaming around how to download it. This log is particularly required when huge number of records are being posted / created through SM35 and some of the records are failed. We can see the log on the screen showing which number record is being failed, but do not know if there is any way that this log can be downloaded to a spread sheet. Even most of the consultants may not aware how this can be done. However, it is a small navigation tip helps to download this whole log.  
Now go to SM35 and select your batch job.

Click on “Log” button. (From the top 4th button from the left)
You will have the following log overview screen.

File 1.png

Select the log overview line and click on “Display” button.

You will have the log details as follows:

File 2.png
Now click on “Print” button

Now the log will shown in a report form as shown below:
File 3.png
You can now download the file from the menu, select: System
οƒ  List οƒ  Save οƒ  Local file as shown below:
File 4.png

Select “Spreadsheet” option and download to the required location on your computer.

Many consultants think that this is very easy to download. But, in reality, I asked number of times to many consultants, however, they have no clue how to download it. Hope this tip would surely be helpful.

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