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Angry Birds for Business Travelers – increased efficiency, less paperwork and more fun

From the perspective of mobile communication the last decade was like sitting in a high-speed train. Only a few year ago using a wireless phone was something really extraordinary. Today, nearly everybody from kids to grandparents has a smartphone and uses it like the most natural thing in the world. Use is intuitive, and hardly anybody reads any instructions before inserting the SIM card and battery for the first time. Using a smartphone to call somebody is more a side issue instead of being the value proposition.


Besides email, calendar, and instant weather reports there are a lot of apps to get access to information, increase productivity or simply have fun.

The goal is to combine all of those aspects and have fun while increasing personal productivity and saving valuable time.

Sounds like magic, but it’s real. While writing these lines I remember that last year I gave my wife a vacuum cleaner as a present. Urghh – normally that’s a reason to get divorced, right? But it was a kind of robotic Frisbee running through our flat like a rat cleaning all rooms while we are off-site. The message that this gives her some additional free time was perceived more than well. The increased productivity was more than a side effect of always having a clean apartment, and we have much fun with our little robot (even if ours is not a cat cab like shown in hundreds of videos on YouTube).

And it’s the same pattern with great apps on smartphones – wouldn’t you love to

  • Get rid of unloved stuff like collecting receipts while travelling on business?
  • Not having to list every single bill in a kind of spreadsheet while trying to remember where it came from?
  • Not having to wait to get reimbursed late because you haven’t sent the expense report as your very first action after returning to the office after a busy trip?


With SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense, the complete travel and expense management process will be fun and free up some of your valuable time:

  • Intuitive, attractive, and easy-to-use interface
  • Capture your receipts and post them directly in the system while you’re on the road!
  • Finalize and send your expense report and get reimbursed before coming back to the office!
  • If you are a manager, approvals on-the-go will make your business travelers happy!

Promised, at the end this process will be a nice experience – similar to finding your home clean when you come back.

With SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense, You have the choice to manage Your expenses Your way!

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