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Where Should the Web Dynpro JAVA developer GO – Part 2


Welcome back all you Web Dynpro Java Developers.

My first document received a good response from all of you. In this blog, I would try to revisit some of the technologies which I felt would give us(WD Java) developers the necessary leverage. We would look at some of the trends which went out of focus and technologies which are picking up steam.

In my earlier blog, my suggestions for Web Dynpro Java developers were for the following streams:

  • HTML5, jQuery, BPM and SUP.

This was a year ago.

During this period, I had the opportunity to work on all of them.

A project on HTML5, jQuery and SUP where we worked on a mobile hybrid application. It was very exciting to get rid of the inhibitions of WD UI element guide and get hold of plethora of elements in jQuery and HTML5. The app worked out well. But, there was nothing more to it. It created the necessary hype but no projects. So, had to drop my adventure mid-way.

BPM, well I was in a way forced to work on it. As a compulsion of the management, I had to undergo an extensive training on inubit(a BPM tool). It was exciting again to see the possibilities. But, its not suited to use WD Java views and it is integrated with Liferay portal and not SAP Portal. Another failed attempt.

Finally, where did i end up? I returned back to Web Dynpro Java. If that was a step back, it was on Portal 7.0. All talk and no play 😕

Surprisingly, it has turned out a good few months. Sometimes a return to the old school brings in a new perspective and new beginning. (If you don’t trust my experience, watch the part 2 of Terminator after the Part 1)

However, the pessimism still persist within the developer community towards Web dynpro java. But, one key development can give some space to us.

SAP UI5. Till SUP, jQuery and HTML5 was used was never accepted as part of SAP. But, with UI5 – an amalgamation of HTMl5 and jQuery ( optimized version ) the WDJ developer has an avenue to explore. Customers are excited with the look and feel of the UI5 based screens displayed in HANA demos.

So, a suggestion for all WDJ developers, rush into UI5. As Java developers, java script should not too difficult in comparison to ABAP developers.

SAP NetWeaver BPM has lost the traction it gained earlier. SOA is no more used as a selling point. Cloud slowly has been de-mystified.

WDJ is still in play and fighting against odds.

WDA is a space, where there is demand and lure for developer to get in to. As a WDJ developer its easier to get into WDA w.r.t. Web dynpro concept but a challenge w.r.t ABAP OOPS concept. As a surprise there is no .(DOT) operator and you have to get used to the world of arrows. If you sway through these arrows then there is definitely a possibility to get into WDA.

The key however, is to buck the trend of following the hype. Trends and hypes are temporary. They will come and go. By following the trend we become one in the herd. It may be good to be in herd as a comfort zone but comfort zones are not very fruitful in the long run.

We need to take calculated risks by identifying our areas of interest.

If you lean more towards Java, then move over to UI5. If you lean towards ABAP, then move to WDA. Remember, before you move try to strengthen your current base. This has been my biggest takeaway since my return to WDJ. First to get my house in order and then go on the adventure.

Change is inevitable. Embrace it instead of fearing it.

All the best and thank you for your support.



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