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My top 5 wishes for HR Renewal 2.0

I know that the latest feature pack i.e. Feature Pack 4 for HR Renewal 1.0 has got released recently i.e. less than 2 months. Even before I settle down with this latest version, I started thinking about the next version(dreaming about could be new features 😉 ) .I decided to put my wish list (just top 5) for the next HR Renewal release in this blog. I am not sure about the next version# i.e. whether it’s HR Renewal 1.0 FP5 or HR Renewal 2.0, but titled this blog as HR Renewal 2.0 with a simple logic – HR Renewal 1.0 sits on EHP6 and SAP has recently released EHP7 which means the next HR Renewal release would be 2.0 🙂

#1 – Make Mass Forms truly powerful

With HR Renewal 1.0 FP3, SAP has introduced the “Mass Form” functionality in HCM Processes and Forms. I got excited when I was exploring this functionality, but soon I realized that these “Mass Forms” is only confined to Hire/rehire actions. We can’t really create Mass Hire forms for any action/infotype update.  My wish in the next release is “Extend these mass forms” to any infotype updates and all kind of backend services. I should be able to easily build/configure a mass position creation form using SAP_PD backend service by adding all related fields of Position from HRP1000, HRP1001, HRP1002, HRP1007, HRP1008, HRP1013, etc. On submission of this mass form it should create positions in one shot! I should be able to build/configure a Mass Transfer form using SAP_PA backend service by adding all related fields of Transfer action from PA0000, PA0001, etc.  More info about these mass forms can be found in my blogs –

HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 3 – Mass Processing Tool

HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 3 – Mass Processing Tool…continued


#2 – Enhance Maintain Master data Application

Maintain Master data Application has been one of the core application that was delivered with HR Renewal 1.0 (I would say this application has been there from Day 1). Though we saw lot of country specific Object profile pages (Country specific infotype maintenance) over a period of time, but there have been very little enhancements to this application. I know the audience for this application would be just “HR Professionals” who can be literally counted (10-200 per organization), but I would still expect this application to be enhanced to support many object types and their infotypes. It would also be great if this application is also used by Managers in some smart way (where the Short profile and object profile page is customized based on the role – HR Professional vs Manager). More info about this functionality can be found in my blogs –

HR Renewal – Maintain Master Data Application

HR Renewal – Maintain Master Data Application continued…


#3 – Migrate more/all Applications from Web Dynpro ABAP to SAPUI5

From feature pack 4, SAP has introduced new applications (in SAPUI5) and landing pages for Employees & Managers. I love these new applications (Personal Profile, Leave Request Application, etc) and the lovely ESS and MSS landing pages too, but not all Employee and Manager Applications are migrated to SAPUI5. Applications like Employee profile still doesn’t have “Edit” functionality to have employees maintain their own information, employees have to use “Personal Profile” application to update their information(which seems to be bit confusing where we have different look and feel).  Above it, one of the major application of HR Professional role i.e. Maintain Master Data application is still in Web Dynpro ABAP. I wish SAP to migrate more/all these applications to SAPUI5 to get uniform look and feel.


#4 – Enhance Workforce Viewer

From feature pack 4, SAP has introduced its own SAPUI5 based Org Chart functionality which looks pretty good as a starter. The Workforce Viewer is just over simple. Compared to NAKISA org chart functionality, the Workforce viewer definitely lags in various features like zoom, different views (like Vertical Style, Vertical Condensed Style, Horizontal Style, Combined Center Style), search functionality, date selection(display Org Chart based on certain dates), etc. After working on NAKISA based Org chart functionality one would expect all the existing features (at least most of it) of existing Org Chart in the new Workforce Viewer. In fact, one would expect something new and cool in the Workforce Viewer J My other wish in the Workforce viewer is – enhance the existing Card layout to display more basic information of the employee/position/org unit without navigating to it’s quick view(as in NAKISA Org Chart).  More info about this blog can be found my blog –

HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4: New Org Chart functionality – The Workforce Viewer


#5 – Lanes, Lanes, Lanes everywhere, but lack of customization of lane content

Right from day one if HR Renewal, I kept seeing lane based approach in most of the SAPUI5 applications i.e. from Landing pages to Personal profile to Leave Overview J Yes, it is nice to have lanes, but there should be a way to customize these lanes i.e. control the content inside these lanes. Like, if I wish to add a custom field in the Employee profile’s “About” or “Organizational Assignment” lane, it’s almost impossible as of today. There is no customizing option in SPRO to modify this lane content. Also, there is no option to add a new lane (at least to my knowledge so far from SPRO node) using simple SPRO Customization. My last wish is – “Customization option for SAPUI5 applications”.


Conclusion :

As said before these wishes are from my perspective only ! You can agree or disagree with my picks, and feel free to suggest your own. Looking ahead for some good feedback !

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    • Not sure Raj !

      But I went with a gut feel thinking that SAP would have something in cards for HR Renewal next release !

      Let's see how anyone from SAP responds to this blog 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback.


      Raja Sekhar

      • Carrie,

        After looking @ your comments, I realized that none of my wishes were addressed/fulfilled 🙁 But I am still excited with the upcoming releases.

        Here is a quick recap of the upcoming features as per your comments -

        Discussions lanes for ESS/MSS

        ·Between employee and manager

        ·Between employees

        ·Enhanced feeds

        Time entry and time approval

        Team Calendar  – automatically  fill in the leave request  form  from calendar

        Payroll lanes

        Roadmap Forms enhancements

        Performance improvements for lanes

        In Feature Pack 2 for HR Renewal 2.0, our plans include

        Enhanced payroll lanes

        P&F and Roadmap Forms enhancements including “dynamic actions” equivalent, allowing dynamic control for employee master data changes where there is interdependent data

  • hai Raja,

    these are all advance features in  ess mss you are exposing a lot ......excellent job by you these days showing some new features and functionality in ESS MSS ..... 🙂

    • Yes Shyamu,

      Agreed that the workforce viewer definitely needs lots of enhancements along with introduction of "Search" functionality.

      I am not sure if you have also viewed the "Landing Page's Search" functionality ? This replaces the "Who's who" from my perspective.



  • Great one Raja - my organisation moves 700 -800 persons to differnt positions 2 times a year - and use PA40 for this task. Do you know if the activity will come a position shift within the organization.

    • Nice wish Anders.

      I wish SAP would come up with a simple form which does this assignment.

      BTW, We did create a custom form to modify position attributes including the Position to Org Unit assignment.

      But to handle your requirement, I would visualize some kind of smart feature(like drag and drop the position between org units) in "Maintain Master Data Application's Org Chart" or at least a similar functionality in "Workforce Viewer" 🙂 Hope SAP is hearing our wishes and bring them in upcoming HR Renewal releases.


      Raja Sekhar

    • Hi Christopher,

      While SAP is investing in building up SuccessFactors, we are also continuing to invest in on-premise.  Our team is committed to continuing to deliver valuable enhancements for our customers and we have already circulated Raja's list to our team.  We are working as a team to pull together a list of high-impact items and welcome ongoing dialog with our community.



      • Hi Carrie,

        That's very re-assuring. Well, SAP are no beginners in Software market strategy, are they 😉

        Just saying I'm seconding all of Raja's points based on our conversations with customers.

        Looking forward to seeing Renewal develop.

        best wishes


  • Fingers crossed these things are going to happen. Good list!

    As Christopher suggests, the focus is on Successfactors, but I hope SAP will soon realise that the shift from on-premise to cloud is not going to be an exponential or even steep linear curve, but happening in waves.

    THey could loose quite a few customers before they even switch to cloud, particularly in the money printing machine known as the German speaking market, if they neglect them, while they still want to innovate in their on-premise environment.

    • Hi,

      as a german SAP HCM Consultant I totally aggree with Sven. In Germany there are a lot of blue chip companies with big investments and custom developments in their Core HR Systems. For me it is difficult to see how these customers shoud move to the cloud. They also have running LSO, recruiting and performance management applications on their SAP on premise. At the moment to my mind theses customers stop their talent management projects, because there is a big uncertainity how to proceed with talent and succession  management and if they could move to the cloud with these applications.

      For those customers HR Renewal could be a good opportuinity to go on. But I think we need further investments from SAP into performance and talent/succession management to support those customers.