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#HowTo use a #SAP #BW query directly as datasource

Applies to: SAP  BW 7.30 SP8


How to use a result of a query as datasource for infocubes or DSO

Currently we use the analysis process designer (APD) to write data into a write optimized DSO and then load it from there further.
This is no longer necessary.
As of SAP BW 7.3 a query can be used directly as datasource. You can write it into a DSO, OpenHub etc. This makes it possible to perform high-quality analysis on queries that are simple but contain a very large amount of data.

This has the advantage that you can calculate functions of the query more efficiently in the analytic server before reading the data.
(source BW help)

Here is how:

  1. Create a data target in which you plan to load the query. It should contain the
    dimensions and keyfigures of the query you use as datasource.
  2. Go to transaction RSRT and choose your query. In “Properties” tick your query as “is
    used as InfoProvider”
  3. Now instead of creating a transformation first you create a DTP. Right click on the
    DSO, OpenHub etc. and select “Create data transfer process”
  4. Select Query Element as Object Type in “Source of DTP”. After you did step 2) you will
    find you query in the F4 help.
  5. BW created a transformation and a DTP. Now you can map and design additional logic
    in the transformation as you are used to.

All the OLAP functions can be used in the staging with the query as the data source of a data transfer process.

This does not work with inventory keyfigures (non-cumulative keyfigures) or with any query containing input ready variables.

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