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Disabling transport option for Customizing tables

Disabling transport option for customizing tables

Reason :


You don’t want a specific table or table entries to be transported from your system to different landscapes

Pre-requisites :

To do the respective changes, we first need to ensure the following.(explained in procedure)

maintenance option for the table that you want to restrict should be allowed

Procedure :


Go to Transaction SE54

Enter the name of TABLE you want to restrict from being transported >> click on display

Click on delivery and maintenance tab as shown below


Under this tab, the option should be display/maintenance allowed

If there is other option, we need to click on edit button and change the option to display/maintenance allowed  (we need to open the client to change this option)



  Now go to Transaction SE11

  Enter the table name >>click on utilities tab >> click on Table maintenance Generator as shown below.


  Then you are re-directed to a different Screen as shown below.


Give the function group name and

Change the option to

  no, or user, recording routine as shown above.

Thus, you have successfully restricted the customizing table.

You can check the same by trying to transport the table from SM30.

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