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Check Service Backbone connection & debug CRM WebUI

[Update 19/01/2014] – Title change to add “debug CRM WebUI”, i was lokking for it and don’t find with old title

Problem:   On Solution Manager 7.1 ITSM CRMWebUI the option “Service Backbone connection” are not enable

Solution:   Note is:  1124718 ISV/VAR: Connection to end customer as of SolMan 4.0 SP15, but sometimes you find that this note is not enough to solve the problem.


First, we need to start a investigation about what is the problem for that, as a initial point we know that there is a sap note on is indicated what we need to do for activate remote customer connection trough solution manager, that note is:  1124718 ISV/VAR: Connection to end customer as of SolMan 4.0 SP15.

Now if we check the attributes for our solution manager system as is indicated on SAP Note we will see that:


Well, we have a real ghost here, information on attribute are maintained but the button is not enabled, then we need to debug a few to search about the root cause of the problem.

How to set the breakpoint in a CRMWebUI button action:

  1. Just use F2 key to load Dynpro attributes on ITSM screen frame, you will get that information:


  1. Then run BSP_WD_CMPWB transaction, fill Component field and Set the test application CRM_UI_FRAME  to be able to access as viewing option
  2. Then search for correct method and class inside the before view that you get after user F2 key to see the technical data, the method that you have to select is: IF_BSP_WD_TOOLBAR_CALLBACK~GET_BUTTONS.
  3. If you can’t see the code in that method try to search inside DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT.

Debug Options:

How to locate it on “UI Component Workbench”


Where is the correct start point to set a breakpoint ? on the check about VAR / ISV verification:


While debugging you will be able to see that on table buttons, the button for remote backbone connection is not enabled, ig we click on gt_button you will be able to see al buttons that will be loaded but for remote connection via service backbone the buttons is not enabled:


Now lets go to see why the system don’t enable that button, if you go step by step inside get_remote_connection_url, you will se after get_entity method call the system where the information about service backbone has to be maintained, inside “lo_system” variable you will get something like “SMP_JAVA”.

( look at second image of that document where you will se that java system is not SMP_JAVA on LMDB technical system definition)


After load data, on variable attribute values we can see that for lo_system “SMP_JAVA” we have not update information on table SMSY_ATTRIB_VAL as indicated on sap note 1124718 ISV/VAR: Connection to end customer as of SolMan 4.0 SP15


Then, we know the name of the correct product system that we need to update.

To update it, you have to go to LMDB product system editor and update that information


After that you will see how “Customer connection via SAP Service Backbone” is enable again


As a final words, I don’t know why Solution Manager create a new product system on LMDB SMP_JAVA for Manager System, i don’t know why customer service connection backbone don’t take in consideration the correct SMP system (has a solution, as a sap customer named associated as a VAR and correspondent logical component), maybe it was due for a bad synchronization between LMDB, SLD and sap marketplace, …

But the way, if you found something similar you will know now how you can debug it to analyze the problem.

Hope that can help you in that nightmare



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      Author's profile photo Vivek Hegde
      Vivek Hegde

      Exactly, Service Connection issues turn out to be show stopper for VAR. Thanks for sharing.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Vivek,

      Though my question is not related to this post, i wanted to ask you.

      Can we have ChaRM in VAR solman? My Customer create Incident in VAR solman and how this need to be converted to Request for Change in VAR system? or what would be the typical process for this scenario?


      Gopi C.

      Author's profile photo Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Blog Post Author

      Duplicate post... 😉