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Limiting the no. of rows in a page to less than default value in Webi 4.0

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SAP BO Webi developers


This document provides a turnaround approach for limiting the no. of rows in a page to less than the default value in a business objects report. In normal scenario the minimum default value for horizontal records is 20.

Author: SriHarsha Thota

Company: Infosys Limited

Created on: 18-Sep-2013

Author’s Bio:

SriHarsha Thota:

SriHarsha has 4 years of professional experience and has expertise in SAP BO. He is a Senior Systems Engineer in Infosys and currently implementing SAP BO Reporting development projects.


Let us assume that we have a requirement where client wants to see BO reports with max n rows per page and remaining rows should go to next pages.

Suppose we have created a report and report is having around 40 rows but client needs to see only 5 rows per page and other data should go to next pages respectively.

In Business objects web-intelligence reports we have an option to format the report to limit the no. of columns and rows in a page as shown below.


If you could see the above screenshot, the minimum no. of horizontal records per page is 20 and you will not be able to reduce below that.

Note: – Even you try to enter the value less than 20 and try clicking on apply, it will change back to 20.

So let’s see a turnaround approach where you can display n no. of horizontal records where n<20.

The below example report which I am going to use is based on e-fashion universe. It contains the objects Storename, Year, Quatitysold and Salesrevenue. The output of the report is as shown below.


There are around 40 horizontal records in the report output and the client needs to see only 5 rows per page.

Steps to Format the report to 5 rows per page

1.      Create a variable for example by name v_pagebreak with the formula

v_pagebreak = Floor(RowIndex()/5)

2.      Add the variable v_pagebreak.The data would look as shown below.


3.      Apply a section on the variable v_pagebreak which would change the display as below.


4.      Right click on the section and hide it as shown below.


5.      After hiding the sections, data is displayed in the report as shown below.


6.      Right click on the section and go to format section. Check the start on a new page option in the layout.


7.      After applying the start on a new page option the data would get displayed as 5 horizontal records per page in 8 pages as there are around 40 records as below.


Note: You could even do the same using breaks instead of sections.

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      Author's profile photo Nikhil Joy
      Nikhil Joy

      Nice workaround SriHarsha.. thanks for sharing.


      Nikhil Joy

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      Former Member


      Thanks but if you change the order, RowIndex() changes too and it isn't your solutions is out

      Author's profile photo Hasmatullah Katpadi
      Hasmatullah Katpadi

      Nice workaround! But the download will also display in sections...which is not a good solution.

      Author's profile photo Ganesh Bothe
      Ganesh Bothe

      Nice document harsh keep it up 🙂 .