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IBM on-premise cloud configuration for SAP on AIX

[Last update: November 2019]

This document describes the SAP Landscape Management scenarios with AIX. For other IBM platforms refer to the parent document IBM On-Premise Cloud Configuration for SAP.

IBM PowerVC is the virtualization and cloud management product, built on OpenStack, that delivers advanced virtualization management on IBM Power Systems. This technology has been made available for SAP on Power environments by supporting PowerVC with SAP Landscape Management.

Virtualization scenarios:

The following virtualization scenarios are supported with any type of storage and storage attachment:

Use Case Description Dependencies

End-to-end monitoring and visualization

Show virtualization topology, server and virtualization configuration, and utilization metrics


OS and SAP monitoring

SAP host agent


Activate/ Deactivate, shutdown virtual system (logical partition)


Relocate virtual system (live partition mobility)



Provision new virtual system from image


Storage scenarios:

The following storage-related scenarios are supported:

Use Case Description Dependencies

SAP Relocate

Relocate SAP instance or database including storage attachment

SVC, V7000, XIV, FlashSystem, DS8000 (NPIV or direct attached SAN)

with IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot and/or PowerVC

System Clone/Copy/Refresh

Fast online/offline cloning of database or entire SAP system

System Rename

Rename SAP system and database including user authorization

IBM Spectrum Virtualize (SAN Volume Controller / SVC or Storwize V7000) provides storage virtualization and allows to combine storage systems from multiple vendors. Likewise, IBM FlashSystem models with integrated storage virtualization (V9000, V840) are supported.

If storage is mirrored using IBM Spectrum Virtualize (SVC or IBM Storwize), the administrator can select to create the Clone/Copy/Refresh at the remote site. With this feature most common high-availability/disaster recovery scenarios are supported.

Restrictions with PowerVC storage management:

If IBM PowerVC is used for storage management (i.e. no IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot installed) the following restrictions apply:

  • System clone/copy/refresh is only supported in offline mode
  • IBM System Storage DS8000 has not been tested by us yet.

SAP scenarios:

  • SAP Clone/Copy/Refresh using a database backup
  • Automatic Capacity Management including provisioning of additional dialog instances is supported.
  • Post-Copy Automation is supported.


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