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Hello Sap for Retail World

Hi All,

Just wanted to drop a note as an introduction. I have recently started my life working with SAP Retail application suite. I am working on an implementation and as I am new to SAP started looking for resources in order to improve my understanding and knowledge within the world.

My background is having worked with Oracle retail ERP applications for the last few years, as well as some legacy applications and retail functions. So I come with potentially a different perspective of having seen different ways of doing things.


  • – SAP community seems very accesible
  • – Documentation seems a lot more available within the SAP world
  • – SAP appears to have a vast array of configuration capability


  • – SAP is definelely a different beast from the oracle experience I have had. As it is module common across many indsutries
  • – Data Model and structure makes it hard to pick up what is going on
  • – The gui takes a bit of getting used to… seems inconsistent in terms of behavior in spots.

My current challenges

  • – Understanding how to learn the configuration available within SAP, and what it means for the business.
  • – Understanding how to search within SAP to learn more about it.
    • I know to look for the technical details, I can find table names
    • Still don’t know how to which adhoc queries to understand data structures and relationships
    • Understand how to view the technical landscape in terms of batch and how data is manipulated, when and by what solutions.

My work challenges

  • – Currently the team I have joined is workshopping Arcticle Lifecycle management. Similar to oracle it appears the lifecycle of articles is not tightly managed with the ERP applications. This means the business is spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to manage different items and categories through new line, changes (in range, and key attributes), deletion.

Will be posting a few things as I start my journey.. Please feel free to give me some guidance! I am already learning and love the challenge of understanding how it all fits together! Who can help me?


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