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SAP BusinessObjects Explorer – What to expect from iOS7 upgrade

Hello All,

We are currently working on a patch update for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer to make it iOS7 compliant.

The current version available on AppStore will continue to work in an update scenario:

  • App downloaded, installed and launched on iOS6
  • Device updated to iOS7
  • App launched on iOS7

The current version available on AppStore will not work on a fresh install:

  • Device updated to iOS7 (or new device with iOS7)
  • App downloaded, installed and launched on iOS7 (App will exit after defining an Application Password)

This regression is new and related to the latest version of iOS7 (known as “GM Seed” and the public version).

We are working to solve this issue.

We do not recommend to upgrade to iOS7 if you plan to install the first time SBO Explorer.

Update 2013-09-26:

We have discovered another specific issue with the updated version (4.1.9). We are doing our best to solve this problem and we will update you.

Update 2013-10-04:

A new version (4.1.10) is now available. If you discover other issues, please contact the support. We will do our best to solve.

Best Regards

Alexandre Fortin

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  • Dear Alexandre,

    I had a perfectly working "current version" of SBO Explorer iOS App and after iOS7, it does not work, I did:

    • App downloaded, installed and launched on iOS6
    • Device updated to iOS7
    • App launched on iOS7

    I even had a password set and a system that was working (4.0 SP05).

    Now after iOS7, I have following error:

       Logon Error

    Mobile Server is not reachable


    Please let me know if you need more information.



  • Hello,

    The first scenario described doesnt work in my iPad.

    1. Existing app on IOS 6 is working as expected

    2. Now upgraded to IOS 7

    3. Launch explorer and it crashes.....

    We are testing this before we ask our existing users to upgrade to IOS 7 (we have large user base using this solution) so need help asap.

    Also, for new devices procured comes with IOS 7 and we need explorer to work on that as well. Please release the fix asap.



    • Hello Alex,

      Yes, as I said the app was working fine with IOS 6, I was able to explore the information spaces on my iPad and also, we have disabled the application password for convinience. After the upgrade it stopped working and crashed. Have already open the ticket with support and they directed me here, Updated the ticket with this information now.



  • So do we have a fix for IOS 7 and SAP Explorer?

    We cannot do any fresh installs...crash occurs when entering the password for application.

    At first, I thought this was something being blocked on our wireless network..but was able to get it to work on my phone using 4G...the app was installed under ios 6 but was not launched.

    • We are finding that the new fix from Sept 25th seems to work on a fresh install.

      But when deleting the app and resintalling we go back to the same issue.

      Cannot get past the password reset screen and license acceptance.

      • Hello Alex,

        Do you have updates on when the app will be available? Right now the udpates or new install both are not available in AppStore.



  • Hi Alexandre,

    The SBO Explorer app was removed from AppStore? I didn’t found at
    Brazil’s AppStore.

    When it will be available again?

    Best regards.