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Public SAP Mentor Monday Webinar – It’s all about NWBC! – Monday the 23rd (except in NZ)

NetWeaver Business Client (aka NWBC) – What is it? Does it actually work? Has anyone got any real world experience to share? What does the future hold for NWBC? Well the answers are respectively:

  • What is it? Not easy to describe in a single sentence so join us in the Mentor Monday webinar and we’ll attempt to explain! In essence, it’s exciting stuff for people with greenfield thinking and assuming you’re not mobilising your whole user base or rolling out Personas everywhere – I’m sure we can convince you it is something to look at.
  • Does it actually work? Yep but come find out more by watching the webinar. Key is to understand what you need to know to get going so you don’t hit roadblocks during the implementation.
  • Has anyone got any real world experiences to share? Yes again – Both John Moy and myself will present our experiences (both good and bad) at our different customers, including some of the surprising facts, design considerations and organisational impacts you need to think about plus more – And if the demo gods are with us, we may even demonstrate the kind of concepts we’re talking about or at the very least show you some screen shots of how it all comes together!
  • What does the future hold for NWBC? Well with the latest UI add-on’s a lot of cool theming capabilities now exist but rather than John or I who don’t work for SAP guessing what’s going on inside of SAP, we’ve lined up both Claudia Binder and Julie Plummer from the SAP Product area for NWBC to give us an insight to the latest about NWBC.

And what’s better is at the very end you can ask any question you like to any of us or those attending the call and someone will have a go at answering it for you.

Okay – If you only just reading this, you’re too late now, but here’s the recording of the session to watch at your leisure!

ps. Here’s a link to a pretty funky solution within the desktop NWBC client that John blogged about earlier this week to give you some insight about the type of information you may find out about NWBC when you come along!

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  • "assuming you're not...rolling out Personas everywhere"

    Personas is supposed to play nicely with NWBC isn't it? I've not tried - maybe your session will inspire me to give it a go... 🙂


    • It might work - it might not - Guess you'll need to join us to find out my opinion 😛

      But just quietly - yes I'm sure they do behave but probably only makes sense if you're using NWBC for HTML to do this (as a headerless solution to enable SAML SSO for example), and less so to use NWBC for Desktop since the point of Personas (IMO) is to provide occasional users of a specific set of transactions a beautiful drop dead easy interface that could be deployed outside of native SAP clients (especially SAPGUI).

      See you next Monday Steve 😉

        • Hi Steve,

          I have just reread your post. "Personas in Practice" is becoming increasingly important. Have you since tried Personas out in combination with NWBC? If so, would you be prepared to blog (even briefly) about your experience? If so, I will feature it.

          If not, fair enough ;-).

          Best wishes,


          • We don't currently use NWBC in anger so I've had no incentive to look at it in combination with Personas. I do want to, but there are things higher up my priority list unfortunately. I'm hoping to get to it before the summer but can't make any promises about that. I will certainly blog about it when it happens!


  • Thanks to Matt, John and Julie for this session. Do you plan on providing any of the slides that were shown during the session?